WELLINGTON, New Zealand, February 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiwis worldwide can go online to support St John, the ambulance service provider helping residents and communities in Christchurch after the recent earthquake which devastated much of the city.

The website http://www.donatechristchurch.co.nz enables internet and mobile phone users abroad to make a donation to St John and leave messages of goodwill and support on a community notice board.

New Zealand and UK-based IT firm Trademobile has set up the website for St John, a community-based charity which will use all donations to fund its services and rebuild emergency ambulance service infrastructure damaged by the earthquake.

St John spokesperson Gerry Fitzgerald said that mobile and internet technology offers people who want to support St John a fast and practical way to do so.

"We've had enquiries from people overseas wanting to support our work. The website means that people anywhere can donate and help us to rebuild and continue to provide emergency medical care and other community services to Christchurch people," he said.

Mr Fitzgerald said St John is helping to support hundreds of homeless and displaced people at welfare centres across the city and in outlying districts such as Rangiora and Rolleston.

"Our ambulance officers and community volunteers are providing care to people in need under very difficult circumstances and operating from temporary locations in the city.

"Donations will boost our ability to restore St John ambulance stations and maintain our much-needed services."

Visitors to the website can donate and download wallpaper images to their mobile phones in acknowledgement of their support for St John's work.


St John is a charitable organisation with a volunteer ethos. It operates independently of Government and business, and serves New Zealand communities.

St John services and products include:

* Emergency and non-emergency ambulance services for approximately 90% of New Zealand's population

* Emergency care and first aid at public events

* Friendship and support over the phone to the lonely and the housebound

* Transport for people to their health appointments

* First aid training and health-related products and services to the community