LONDON, May 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- No music festival is complete without freaky interesting characters walking around, helping to create the buzzing atmosphere that every good festival has. You don't have to be high or drunk to the eyeballs to see sights such as men with cannabis leaf eyes and women with feline cat eyes, as fashion contact lenses takes storm! Fashion contact lenses are the latest fashion trend which is taking off globally like a rampant fish to water.

Mark Evans the director from leading fashion contact lens company ' (' tells us With the massive choices available of over 300 unique designs, our fashion contact lenses range is continually being expanded, we have not only risen to customer demands but constantly strive to oversee future trends before they happen. Ground breaking technology has advanced us to the extent that we can provide more complex impressive designs, using our patented materials such as Hydrogel to keep the eyes well hydrated all throughout the day.

Its understandable why so many people love wearing cosmetic contact lenses, particularly at big events such as music festivals, the numerous designs can transform you into an animal such as a cat or wolf, vampires, zombies or even characters from the movies such as Avatar and Twilight. On this subject Mark Evans, comments With the release of Avatar and Na'vi's greenish yellow eyes, we were inundated with orders, the phone lines were jammed with people who wanted to look just like her and they are still selling strong with excellent feedback. In addition to these you can also choose from a wide selection of natural eye colours ( for everyday use, UV light lenses ( which glow in the dark and from hundreds of symbols such as cannabis leaves, smiley faces, trippy lenses and skull and crossbones.

Besides the forthcoming all important music festivals, of course we also have the eagerly awaited World Cup coming soon, Mark Evans says on this subject With the World Cup approaching the sales in country flag contact lenses have soared through the roof, everybody wants to support their land in style and with the stunning designs available it's not hard to see why.

Wearing cosmetic contact lenses is among the safest forms of vision decoration when following proper care instructions, when safety rules are ignored however you can end up damaging your eyesight so it's worth taking on board the following information. Studies have shown that 68% of contact lens wearers suffer from unnecessary discomfort, so we are going to look into a few reasons why this is and how it can be prevented.

It has been reported that contact lens wearers in the south of England are nine times more likely to pick up an eye infection that could permanently damage their sight than people in the rest of the country. This is thought to be because of the hard water in the area, as limescale allows amoebae to grow in hard water areas, this is why tap water should never come into contact with contact lenses. London's Moorfields Eye Hospital found massive geographical variations in the rate of acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) infection across both England and Wales. These statistics show just how important it is to use contact lenses in the correct way.

Mark Evans, the director of Contact Lenses states that One of the most important things to remember when using contact lenses is to handle them safely. Taking care to keep your lenses and hands clean whilst putting contacts in and taking them out again is the best form of defence, keeping your eyes healthy and in great condition. Using tweezers ( that have been dipped in contact lens solution ( is a great way to pick up your contact lenses as it minimizes hand contact and infection.

Many people fail to disinfect their lenses properly and wear them for swimming, showering and sleeping which should never be done. Another factor to take into account is that you should never, ever share lenses with others as this is a prime example of how infections spread.

It's well worth remembering that many people at festivals have been drinking and will not particularly keep in mind or actually care about being hygienic, this means that wherever you put your hands down there could be potentially disgusting germs festering, hand wipes are a great way to keep your hands clean at festivals, particularly after using the toilet as there will quite often be no toilet paper or facilities to wash your hands.

Mark Evans finishes with a very valid statement to take notice of Cosmetic contact lenses are only fun at festivals and other events when used responsibly, everybody needs to remember that permanent eye damage could occur if the lenses are not used properly.

Contact Lenses Top Tips For Safe Festival Fun

- Never share contact lenses with other people

- Always wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses

- Carry your contact lenses in a storage case ( topped up with contact lens solution

- Clean your contact lens storage case after each use, keeping it open and dry between cleaning

- Replace your contact lens storage case every 3 months

- Never re-use contact lens solution, always use fresh for cleaning and storage

- Remove contact lenses before any contact with water such as swimming or showering

- Have regular eye examinations when using contact lenses

- Don't sleep in contact lenses


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