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- Seamlessly Integrated and Scalable Spreadsheet, Document Management and Collaboration Solution Enhanced to Deliver Advanced, Enterprise-Wide Control, Monitoring and Analytic Capabilities

Finsbury Solutions, a leading supplier of spreadsheet management and compliance software to the financial services sector, today announced the launch of the market's first enterprise-wide spreadsheet management solution specifically designed for implementation on Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

Spreadsheet Workbench, Finsbury Solutions flagship spreadsheet management system, has been architected to offer seamless integration with SharePoint and enhanced functionality for improved spreadsheet control, risk management and compliance across organisations.

Jeremy Wood, director and co-founder, Finsbury Solutions, comments: "Microsoft SharePoint is the system of choice for enterprise document management and collaboration and by enhancing Spreadsheet Workbench to seamlessly extend SharePoint's spreadsheet functionality, we have created a powerful solution for the management and control of business critical spreadsheets, from a single environment.

"Spreadsheet Workbench is quick to deploy, easy to use and cost effective. It enables organisations to reduce manually intensive spreadsheet based processes and assists with a wide range of business functions including audit, risk and compliance, trading, operations, finance plus client and regulatory reporting."

Spreadsheet Workbench's enhanced functionality includes:

- A spreadsheet management portal for rapid and remote deployment, enabling organisations to quickly and cost effectively rollout the solution throughout their operations globally. - A high performance spreadsheet comparison and analytic server for fast analysis of large and complex spreadsheets. This allows financial institutions to quickly identify spreadsheet problems, highlight irregularities and ensure compliance. - Spreadsheet key performance indicators for improved spreadsheet data transparency and the provision of real time management alerts set against user defined business criteria. - High availability deployment options provide increased resilience and disaster recovery capabilities for critical spreadsheet applications.

Bruce McKee, industry partner manager, Microsoft Financial Services, adds: "Spreadsheet Workbench provides a scalable solution with powerful analytic and monitoring capabilities that complement SharePoint Server 2007 and allow organisations to manage detailed and complex spreadsheets."

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About Finsbury Solutions

Finsbury Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise spreadsheet management and compliance solutions for the rapid control and development of business critical spreadsheet applications. Its solutions build upon the key features of SharePoint 2007, providing an affordable, familiar, user-friendly spreadsheet management and compliance solution for the financial services industry.

Finsbury Solutions' Spreadsheet Workbench product benefits from the real industry experience of the Finsbury Solutions management team, Jeremy Wood and Adrian Maconick. It not only delivers rapid control over existing business critical spreadsheets, but also facilitates the development of new, more robust, scalable and supportive spreadsheet applications.

Formed in 2005, the company has operations in London and New York. Clients include some of the world's leading financial services providers.

About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a server program, and part of Microsoft Office 2007. Office SharePoint Server facilitates collaboration, provides content management features, implements business processes, and supplies access to essential information.

For more information, visit: For further information please contact: Finsbury Solutions: Jeremy Wood +44(0)20-7170-4075 / Cre8 Results: Nicolle Farthing or Tania Vie Riba +44(0)20-7734-9199 /

For further information please contact: Finsbury Solutions: Jeremy Wood, +44(0)20-7170-4075 /; Cre8 Results: Nicolle Farthing or Tania Vie Riba, +44(0)20-7734-9199 /