BERLIN, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- In October 2009, the European College of Liberal Arts - in Berlin, Germany - will launch the first Bachelor of Arts in Value Studies worldwide, an interdisciplinary programme that represents a new form of liberal education.

The curriculum is focused on moral, political, epistemic, religious, and aesthetic questions, and designed with the understanding that such questions are naturally and deeply connected. Faculty members from philosophy, literature, political theory, art history and film theory work closely together on these issues, and the college has no departments. Students spend half of their classroom time in co-taught 'core courses' devoted to fundamental questions about values, addressed through the close study of texts and works of art that have shaped, or seek to shape, the values we live by today. Against this background they choose their individual areas of concentration.

The faculty has been recruited from some of the best research universities in the world, including Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, Heidelberg and Oxford. A faculty-student ratio of 1:7 makes it possible to create a first rate liberal education based on small classes and weekly one-to-one tutorials. Students and faculty come from more than 20 different countries and work together in English. They share the facilities of a small residential campus and the cultural riches of one of the most vibrant capitals in Europe. Philanthropic grants from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavour Foundation allow the college to a need-blind admissions policy, and no qualified student is turned away for lack of funding.

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To schedule a campus visit or an interview, please contact:

Fiona Schnuttgen Platanenstr 24 13156 Berlin Germany Telephone: +49-30-43-733-0 Email:

To schedule a campus visit or an interview, please contact: Fiona Schnuttgen, Platanenstr 24, 13156 Berlin, Germany, Telephone: +49-30-43-733-0, Email: