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- Everyone is Telling us to eat less salt

Yet life itself depends on salt, so why did a life giving substance became such a toxic force in the modern lifestyle? And why did one of the most complex minerals become known simply as chemical sodium chloride?

Salt for food purposes accounts for just 7% of the world's salt production, the rest goes to industrial sources. Little wonder then that salt has become one of the most desecrated, and misunderstood of our food treasures.

Some might tell you that sea salt is no different to table salt; this could not be further from the truth.

True, some inferior sea salts are industrially processed and stripped of many minerals; but there is a region in France that has been designated a national shrine because it produces the most wonderful, real sea salt known to man.

The wonders of Celtic salt have to be tasted to be believed, and there is growing evidence of the vital contribution this salt can make to health and vitality.

Toxic table salt is just sodium chloride with some chemical additives for good measure. Celtic salt contains a rich spectrum of 92 minerals, trace elements and macro-nutrients, more than just a condiment, it can take a rightful place as a genuine natural health supplement. Totally balanced and naturally low sodium.

The artisan workers on the salt marshes in Brittany, maintain a tradition with over a thousand years of history.

- Gently hand harvested, dried in the sun and wind - Never touched by any machinery or metal - No chemical treatments, nothing added, nothing taken away

Health enhancing it may be, but even this salt should be enjoyed in moderation. It is soft on the palate, and rich in flavour, just a tiny touch goes a long way.

One thing we all agree on - the intake of toxic table salt should be considerably reduced for the health of the nation, but not at the expense of one of the true life giving wonders of the World.

Let's not forget, low salt diets are potentially dangerous for some (contact for more info).


1: Salt Awareness Week 2009 - 2nd - 8th February 2009

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