LONDON, December 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Local heroes could be eligible to win a bursary worth GBP20,000 towards projects that promote sustainable living, as the 2nd year of the Future Friendly Awards launches across the country this week.

The Future Friendly Awards 2008 is a nationwide search for real people who are making a difference to their local community by championing sustainability and inspiring others to do the same. Following the phenomenal success of the awards last year, the Future Friendly Awards 2008 will provide five finalists with a chance to have a film made showcasing their work, and one overall winner with a bursary worth GBP20,000 to continue their project.

Future Friendly is a partnership between brands and leading experts the Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch and Water Wise that aims to inspire people to live more sustainable lives through saving energy and water and reducing waste.

We're looking for local champions, communities and eco-preneurs who have taken steps to lead their community in changing behaviour. Anyone over 14 years of age can enter the awards and entries close midnight on January 23rd 2009. To find out more about Future Friendly, enter the awards, or nominate a group you think deserves recognition, log on to

Notes to editors

Future Friendly is a partnership between brands Lenor, Fairy Liquid, Flash and Ariel, and leading experts the Energy Saving Trust, Waterwise and Wastewatch, to inspire people to live more sustainable lives through saving energy and water and reducing waste.

The Energy Saving Trust exists to help people reduce their energy consumption and live a greener lifestyle in a bid to curb the harmful carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change. It promotes the efficient use of energy and a more low carbon lifestyle. The Energy Saving Trust is the independent organisation providing advice for all householders in the UK to help reduce their energy use and is proud to support Future Friendly.

Waste Watch is a leading UK environmental charity working to change the way people use the world's natural resources. It aims to educate people on ways to reduce all forms of waste, including energy, water and rubbish. That is why Waste Watch supports Future Friendly. Waste Watch demonstrates that being less wasteful is good for business, our local environment and for the planet. It does this through its work in education, training, communications and research. By making changes to our daily lives and by changing the world around us - at home, in school, and in the workplace - we can all make a big difference. Waste Watch exists to show everyone how they can make that difference.

Waterwise is the leading authority on water efficiency and is focused on reducing the amount of water we all waste at home and at work by 2010. Waterwise believes the key to water efficiency is reducing waste not restricting use. It is working together with Future Friendly to help people adopt positive changes to lead a more sustainable life. Waterwise is an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organisation. It is committed to sustainable development and works with key partners in water companies, governments (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and local), manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, environmentalists, regulators, agriculture, business, domestic consumers and the media.

For further information, images or to speak to a sustainability expert or Future Friendly 2007 winner please contact: Giles Harrison, +44(0)207-413-3732,; Stephanie Burke, +44(0)207-413-3084,; Arabella Allcock, +44(0)207-7973-5967,