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GestureTek, world-leader in gesture-control for interactive displays, unveils 3D video tracking systems at Integrated Systems Europe. 'The Cube'(TM), a turnkey, 'plug and play' interactive projection system for retail and entertainment displays and the Illuminate Multi-Touch Table(TM) will also be displayed at Booth 11E74, February 3rd to 5th.

3D Depth Sensing Tracks Hand Body Movement

GestureTek's 3D tracking and control system brings a new level of interactivity to motion-controlled displays. Depth sensing cameras track full-body movement or subtle hand gestures, providing a gestural interface for display screens. The system recognizes any pose or gesture, replacing button presses, touchscreens or joysticks. Other applications include full-body avatar control, two-handed control and hand tracking for 360 degree navigation control.

GestureTek has created 3D and 2D interactive experiences on computers, consoles, mobile devices and interactive public displays. At the Beijing Olympics, 3D hand tracking technology powered an interactive 3D flight simulator where an airplane was controlled by 3D hand movements. More on GestureTek's 3D tracking at

'The Cube' Interactive Projection System

The Cube is a compact, turnkey, 'plug and play' interactive projection system for entertainment or advertising, providing an 80 diagonal projection on nearly any surface. The Cube is cost efficient because no technician is needed for setup or to affix hardware from above. More on The Cube at .

GestureTek Enhances Multi-Touch Solution

GestureTek's multi-touch technology lets multiple people interact with multi-media content or play games. Multiple hands control content, through touch OR point gestures. The table comes in three sizes or can be customized. A dozen 'out-of-the-box' applications now come included. More at .

Object Recognition and Vertical Multi-Touch

The New York City Visitors Center uses GestureTek's multi-touch tables with object recognition. See case study at . Selected T-Mobile stores use GestureTek's multi-touch tables. See video at . GestureTek's multi-touch interactive window was installed for Telefonica in Madrid, Spain. See case study at .

About GestureTek

GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-recognition for information, presentation and entertainment systems.

Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro and NTT DoCoMo. Clients include Samsung, CNN, Oracle, Intel, IBM and Panasonic. GestureTek headquarters: Silicon Valley. Offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia. +1-800-315-1189.

Patti Jordan of GestureTek, +1-416-340-9290, ext. 274; or Jo Marini of SSPR, +1-719-578-9044,, for GestureTek