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At the Mobile World Congress today, Stantum Technologies (, a pioneer developer of multi-touch sensing technology, announced a multi-touch framework with such advanced features as gesture recognition, context-dependent cursor management, and a virtual physics processor.

Called TouchPark(TM), the new framework will run on leading operating systems (Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Android) and semiconductor platforms, including Texas Instruments Zoom, Freescale i.MX, and ST Nomadic -- demonstrating Stantum's ability to implement its multi-touch panel technology in standard environments. Stantum also provides all the necessary software bricks to take advantage of this technology, including low-level software layers to communicate with the multi-touch panel.

TouchPark's gesture recognition module interprets such user gestures as pinch (zoom), twist, close, and rotate. The virtual physics processor provides a natural look and feel of actions shown on the display, based on the type and speed of gestures used on the multi-touch panel; for example, it can slow down the speed during the final phase of a scrolling on lists or graphical objects and can bound when reaching an edge or a limit defined by a window or the screen size.

At MWC (Hall 2.1, Stand 2.1F67), Stantum is exhibiting a beta version of TouchPark in a mobile demonstration which simulates a mobile device user interface with applications such as address book, drawing, picture resize, and gaming, showing unprecedented multi-touch experience in action.

More information is available on Stantum's web site at

About Stantum Technologies

Stantum has been the pioneering company in multi-touch display technology since 2002, and in 2005 was the first company to market commercial products using a truly reliable multi-touch user interface. Today, Stantum's breakthrough technology portfolio is available under license for products covering every aspect of multi-touch interaction: touch panels, multi-touch controllers, intellectual property cores, and multi-touch software framework. Stantum is headquartered in Bordeaux, France.

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