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Stantum Technologies (, a pioneer developer of multi-touch sensing technology, is demonstrating at the Mobile World Congress (Hall 2.1, Stand 2.1F67) next week a unique new finger-pressure detection capability for its patented PMatrix(TM), a resistive multi-touch detection platform that lets users simultaneously move an unlimited number of fingers, fingernails or utensils (such as styli) on a screen.

The new feature can differentiate three distinct levels of pressure: soft, medium and hard. Depending on how strong the user touches the screen, the device is able to react differently. This allows implementation of safer and more sophisticated interactions with devices such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, digital cameras, computers, PDAs and PNDs. Sample applications include:

- a camera shutter: half pressure to engage autofocus, full pressure to take the picture; - the trigger button of a game console's joypad: half pressure to aim, full pressure to shoot; and - drag and drop: soft touch to select an item, medium touch to move it.

In addition, the finger-pressure detection feature significantly improves the comfort and reliability of typing on a touch screen by allowing the device to visualize which key the user is about to press before it is actually pressed.

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About Stantum Technologies

Stantum has been the pioneering company in multi-touch display technology since 2002, and in 2005 was the first company to market commercial products using a truly reliable multi-touch user interface. Today, Stantum's breakthrough technology portfolio is available under license for products covering every aspect of multi-touch interaction: touch panels, multi-touch controllers, intellectual property cores, and multi-touch software framework. Stantum is headquartered in Bordeaux, France.

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