VELDEN, Austria, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Good news for everyone who loses their keys: The European company Globalquickback offers its customers unique world-wide protection against the loss of their property, in 234 countries. With a free hotline and free return delivery - often within 24 hours!

Anyone who has ever lost his/her keys knows that: Without a key code tag one has almost no chance of finding car keys, house keys or company keys again. And even with normal key code tags it takes - via the normal postal service - a number of days until one receives notification, and up to 2 1/2 weeks (according to Stiftung Warentest Deutschland: Finanztest 2007) before the keys are returned. And by then one has already been through all the annoyance and the costs involved in replacing locks.

A new, clever retrieval service now provides a solution: The finder of lost keys bearing the Globalquickback code tag does not have to post them, but simply makes a call to the world-wide 24-hour free hotline; and for this receives - also unique - a finder's reward from Globalquickback. By means of the code on the tag, Globalquickback is able to identify and inform the owner immediately - often even before he/she has noticed that the keys are actually missing.

Keys are generally lost locally and the owner can pick them up immediately instead of having to wait days for news of their whereabouts. And even if keys are lost abroad, Globalquickback will send them back immediately by world-wide express delivery, free of charge. With the new key retrieval service you are not only informed immediately that your keys are safe, but in most cases you get the keys back the same day or at the latest within 24 hours.

Moreover: Globalquickback offers its clever retrieval service not only as a key tag, but also for luggage retrieval and as a corporate gift for business customers. More information is available at

Press Contact: Globalquickback GmbH Villacher Strasse 1 A-9220 Velden / Austria Tel: +43-4274-44300 Mobile: +43-664-5326555 Fax: +43-4274-4430012

Press Contact: Globalquickback GmbH, Villacher Strasse 1, A-9220 Velden / Austria, Tel: +43-4274-44300, Mobile: +43-664-5326555, Fax: +43-4274-4430012,