FLEET and BRISTOL, England, November 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Icera, Bristol UK, and Anite, Fleet UK, today announced that they are working together to help accelerate the availability of LTE protocol conformance tests required by the industry's LTE device certification programmes. Both Icera and Anite are at the forefront of the development of multimode LTE products, and the collaboration brings together the best of breed of Anite's Conformance Toolset with Icera's software-defined modem.

Icera maintains its leading-edge roadmap for next generation air interfaces due to its unique software-defined baseband technology, currently supporting multimode 4G (LTE), 3G (HSPA) and 2G (GSM) standards ahead of many competitors. Working closely with Anite, Icera was the first baseband chipset company to demonstrate a dual mode LTE / HSPA modem running on a commercial USB data stick, showing LTE / HSPA handover at Mobile World Congress in February 2010.

Anite is a cutting-edge provider of test solutions for 2G, 3G and LTE technologies, and has the largest portfolio of LTE protocol tests approved by GCF and PTCRB. This breadth of experience and expertise has led to Anite test solutions being used by all of the leading global chipset and handset manufacturers.

Steve Allpress, CTO and VP Modem Software of Icera Inc., said: "Unlike any other baseband technology, Icera executes the entire modem in software on a high performance processor, DXP(R). This soft modem approach provides a unique flexibility to be consistently ahead of the competition with modem innovations and early to market with multimode LTE. We are delighted to be working with Anite on the verification of tests from their leading LTE GCF conformance test portfolio, simultaneously showing Icera's LTE solution meets the industry's rigorous certification requirements."

"LTE device certification is essential in ensuring that next generation LTE wireless devices meet customer expectations. Anite's work with Icera accelerates the availability of the most comprehensive suite of LTE test cases in the market today, empowering Anite's customers with the ability to deploy the technology quickly and with confidence," said Mike Bonin, Managing Director of Anite Telecoms Ltd.

About Icera

Icera is a fabless semiconductor company, pioneering software-defined modem chipsets for the fast growing smartphone and Mobile Broadband device markets. Icera technology delivers the highest performance modem solutions with the smallest silicon die size for USB dongles, laptops, netbooks and smartphones. Icera technology supports 4G (LTE), 3G (HSPA) and 2G standards. Founded in 2002, Icera is headquartered in the UK, with design locations in the UK, France, USA and China, with customer engineering and sales offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. For more information, visit the Icera web site at http://www.icerasemi.com.

About Anite

Anite provides a comprehensive range of critical IT solutions to the Wireless and Travel sectors across the globe. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Anite develops and implements software as well as provides consultancy, systems integration and managed services to ensure that our customers operate effectively and securely. By using the latest technologies to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions, Anite meets customers' specific requirements and realises tangible results for its clients.

Anite Telecom, a subdivision of Anite plc, is a global market leader with over 18 years of experience in providing cutting-edge technology within the handset testing industry to device manufacturers, operators and test laboratories. As an established leader, Anite was the first company to verify LTE conformance test cases in 2009. With highly flexible and reliable software solutions, Anite is known as an innovative, agile and responsive partner to the top players in the Telecoms industry. With a diverse team focused on making a difference and exceeding expectations, Anite draws upon on worldwide expertise and is enthusiastic about the future. Headquartered in the UK, Anite employs around 500 staff in 13 countries across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. For more information, please visit http://www.anite.com.

SOURCE: Anite and Icera

CONTACT: For further information, please contact: Sally Doherty, IceraInc., Tel: +44-1454-284800, Email: sally@icerasemi.com; For furtherinformation, please contact: Anite Telecoms Ltd, Tel: +44(0)1252-775200,Email: wireless@anite.com