LONDON, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- IDEAcarbon today launched a partnership programme for its Carbon Calendar to enable carbon market participants to track and analyse the key events that shape the regulatory changes and other events likely to influence the global emissions market. The IDEAcarbon Carbon Calendar(TM) was launched today in cooperation with the Thomson Reuters' Carbon Market Community, the London Energy Brokers Association, and Carbon Yatra who will carry the calendar on their websites. The IDEAcarbon Carbon Calendar(TM) was first introduced in December 2007 for government, financial and compliance clients of IDEAcarbon services.

Announcing the launch of the partnership programme, Shandi Modi, CEO of IDEAcarbon said the Carbon Calendar is the first calendar of factors which our editorial team believes will likely shape expectations in the emissions markets. We expect the Carbon Calendar will provide a valuable resource to serious professional participants, observers, and policy makers in the climate change and emissions markets. We believe that it will become an indispensable tool to the clients of our partner companies.

Responding to the launch Stefan Reichenbach, Global Head of Environmental Markets at Thomson Reuters said the IDEAcarbon Carbon Calendar covers the events that move the markets and explains their significance for Thomson Reuters Carbon Market Community website users.

The IDEAcarbon Carbon Calendar(TM) is updated on partner websites and covers three key event categories:

- Regulatory, legislative and negotiating events including CDM Executive Board and JISC meetings, the EU regulatory schedule, US regional trading scheme launch dates and UNFCCC negotiations; - Market events, contract expiry dates and auctions; - Conferences, workshops and seminars in all major cities.

Please contact, for further information on how to incorporate the Carbon Calendar or IDEAcarbon's primary CER Index on your web site.

Users quotes

Henry Derwent, President IETA

'Carbon market participants are always seeking to gain clarity given the evolving nature of the market. The IDEAcarbon Carbon Calendar provides the critical events for the carbon market and explain their significance, while the IDEAcarbon pCER Index provides an understanding of the price dynamics in the primary CER market'.

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