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- All-new Green Chemistry Program to Serve Industries in Search of Economically Viable, Eco-friendly solutions

Informex today announced that it will launch the GreenExchange at the InformexUSA exhibition next January in San Francisco, California. The inaugural program will be tailored for chemical makers and allied trades that require economically viable, eco-friendly technologies geared toward greener reaction conditions, more efficient manufacturing processes and greater utilization of renewable raw materials in finished products. The GreenExchange program will include an all-new Green Pavilion, a centrally located exhibitor space for innovator companies with unique technologies, processes and technical solutions related to the development and utilization of green chemistry. Informex will also hold the GreenExchange Breakfast, in conjunction with co-sponsor ICIS Chemical Business, Thursday morning, January 29, at 7:30 AM. The breakfast will feature discussions by executives and research scientists that currently hold innovative green technology patents and policy solutions. Rounding out the GreenExchange at InformexUSA is a recognition program for general exhibitors that offer a diversity of technologies, with one or more dedicated to eco-friendly chemicals.


According to Jennifer Jessup, Event Director, the introduction of the GreenExchange is an effort to make the InformexUSA Exhibition the most important destination for Green Chemistry in the United States. With the establishment of the GreenExchange, we will attract a new type of attendee, one that needs the expertise of research chemists and process technology experts, yet at the same time, new chemical technologies and new ways of applying those technologies to improve chemical synthesis, minimize unwanted by-products, and ultimately reduce the cost of doing business, she said. All of this and more can be achieved when the right people come together in pursuit of Green technologies. We call our Green Chemistry initiative at InformexUSA the GreenExchange precisely because of the collaboration that will be needed throughout the supply chain to secure real innovations in this area, she said.

Green Eggs and More at the InformexUSA GreenExchange Breakfast

Executives and research scientists looking to understand the universe of opportunities that come with new Green Chemistry technologies are invited to attend the GreenExchange Breakfast Briefing. Senior editor to ICIS Chemical News, Clay Boswell, will kick-off the event with a perspective on this year's most important Green chemistry developments. A former drug discovery chemist, Clay Boswell has been an editor at ICIS Chemical Business for ten years. He has often directed his attention toward Green Chemistry, tempering his enthusiasm for technological possibility with an appreciation for economic reality.

Clay will introduce John Warner, co-author of 'Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice' and expert on how green chemistry principles can be incorporated into commercially relevant applications. Maureen Gorsen, head of the California Department of Toxic Substances, will speak about the State's Green Chemistry legislation recently signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ronald Gebhard, Ph.D., RD Director, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, will speak on the topic of sustainability through metabolic pathway engineered bugs. Christopher Gann, Chief Executive Officer of Genomatica, Inc., will discuss a bio-manufacturing process that has the potential to let global chemical producers make the same standard bulk chemicals at lower costs and with renewable inputs.

Speakers at the GreenExchange Breakfast Briefing Clay Boswell, Senior Editor of ICIS Chemical Business (Event Moderator) John C. Warner, Director, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry Maureen Gorsen, Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Ronald Gebhard, Ph.D., RD Director, DSM Pharmaceutical Products Christopher E. Gann, Chief Executive Officer, Genomatica, Inc.

In Search of Green Chemistry Excellence

Since 1995, dozens of green chemical products have become commercially viable in the marketplace while a countless number of chemical production processes have been modified for greener reaction conditions. At InformexUSA 2009, attendees will see more exhibitors and institutions than ever before exhibiting green solutions, companies like SiGNa Chemistry, Huber-USA and Newreka Green Synth Technologies. It's all a part of the rise in the Green Collar ethic throughout the supply chain, that is, the development of green technologies and processes that offer industries everywhere the opportunity to adopt eco-friendly solutions previously unavailable in the marketplace. The all-new GreenExchange Program at InformexUSA offers buyers and sellers of green solutions a new platform from which to advance green chemistry technologies in the United Sates. For more information, visit

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InformexUSA is the leading meeting place for buyers and sellers of high-value chemistry for a broad range of applications. As the leading tradeshow in the United States, InformexUSA has been a marketplace for networking and doing business in the fine, custom and specialty chemical manufacturing industry for more than 25 years. Visitors to the show come from a broad range of manufacturing industries including adhesives, electronics, agrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paints, and more. Each year the event brings together an international mix of more than 4,000 fine and specialty chemicals professionals and 500 exhibitors. For more information, visit

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