AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands, April 8 /PRNewswire/ --

- Perzonae Aims to Vastly Improve on Apps Like Outlook or MSN

The new Dutch Internet communication service Perzonae is ready to compete with major international software companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple in the coming years. Today, Perzonae Unified Communications launches a innovative service that allows people to combine emails, chats, and later, calls and teleconferencing, in a more efficient manner, regaining control of their Internet communications. Less management, less junk, fewer distractions and interruptions, all saving users more time.

We have calculated that an average Perzonae user saves 36 minutes each day. Annually that's fifteen days; a complete vacation, says Chris Troost of Perzonae Unified Communications. According to founder and technical lead Paul Sijben, Perzonae is the salvation from the communication overload people are exposed to on the Internet. He and his team see Perzonae eventually replacing services like Outlook, Thunderbird, MSN, Hotmail or Gmail. Our frustration with these services triggered the idea, Troost explains.

Perzonae expects knowledge workers who like to try out new software - the so-called life hackers - to be the first to download the new software. Their number is estimated at 50 million worldwide. The new Internet service functions differently from most communication applications, using Zones in which the user creates different identities, e.g. a Zone for business, spare time or private communications. If you don't want to be disturbed by private messages or calls during work, you can shut off that Zone and view these messages later on. Perzonae funnels unwanted messages to Zones that are rarely viewed, neatly handling spam and email-overload at work.

It's a single sign-on service that's always up to date across your devices. It combines e-mail, chat, and in the future phoning or videoconferencing. Unlike other programs we communicate from human to human, not from computer to computer, Troost says.

The service is available as of today and can be downloaded from their website at

For further information please contact Chris Troost of Perzonae Unified Communications BV, tel: +31(0)20-7163947, mob: +31(0)6-10479190 or e-mail