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- Integration of Industry-Leading Authentication Server Provides Essential Security Tool for Enterprise Organizations Deploying Portable Security Devices

Infosecurity Europe Conference, Stand #L78 -- IronKey, maker of the world's most secure USB memory stick, today announced a strategic partnership with CRYPTOCard, a leading developer of two-factor authentication technology, in order to integrate CRYPTOCard's trusted authentication technology with IronKey Enterprise USB devices.

All IronKey Enterprise devices now ship with CRYPTOCard One Time Password (OTP) technology, which provides a two-factor authentication for CRYPTOCard's BlackShield ID Authentication Server without the need for additional physical tokens. Integrating CRYPTOCard authentication with IronKey devices significantly reduces the time needed for enterprises to deploy and manage authentication.

We are pleased to partner with IronKey to deliver an unprecedented security solution for the enterprise, said Neil Hollister, CEO, CRYPTOCard. By embedding our token technology into the IronKey device, we are able to answer our customers demands for a completely portable, two-factor authentication, remote access solution via a device they will be carrying anyway, and eliminating the need to carry a separate token. By including our unique 'one pin and you're in' software solution, user access to their remote network or Web application is as simple as it is today, but with key risks mitigated.

IronKey is leading the emerging market for all-inclusive Portable Security Devices (PSDs) that provide secure storage along with a range of active security features. Comprehensive layers of protection on IronKey Enterprise devices include hardware encryption, strong authentication, secure Web browsing, identity management and malware protection.

Enterprise organizations need to enable workers with the convenience and flexibility of anywhere, anytime access while ensuring that it is done securely, said Steve Ryan, senior vice president of business development at IronKey. The integration of CRYPTOCard's technology with the IronKey enables us to provide comprehensive security and personal value to enterprise users on one convenient, easy-to-use, converged device combining secure storage with strong authentication.

About CRYPTOCard

With the best token technology in the industry and the lowest total cost of ownership, CRYPTOCard offers unsurpassed value in solutions for positively identifying individuals before giving them access to applications, data and networks. Twenty years of technical achievements have won CRYPTOCard the trust of thousands of organizations in over seventy countries. CRYPTOCard's solutions reduce the risks associated with remote access and web-based processes, and increase compliance, at a price all businesses can afford. The only company to offer authentication in server-based, managed service and build-it-yourself options, CRYPTOCard provides the most flexible solutions on the market.

About IronKey

IronKey's award-winning products and services combine the world's most secure flash drive with the world's most powerful USB management software. IronKey's USB flash drives bring the power of authentication, encryption, identity management and privacy to businesses and consumers in 23 countries. IronKey's management software and associated services allow enterprises of all sizes, government agencies, the military, and other organizations to take back control of the mobile data that has been leaking out of their organizations due to the uncontrolled proliferation of USB drives. With IronKey, organizations centrally administer, remotely manage, and enforce policies on thousands of devices located anywhere in the world. Thousands of customers, including over 50 Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and military organizations that handle some of the most sensitive security information in the world trust IronKey to protect business critical data. All IronKey products are FIPS 140-2, Level 2 validated. For more information, please visit

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