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- New Survey Offers Hope to Millions of Couples Seeking a Better Sex Life

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Women who fear they are sexually dysfunctional will be relieved by the preliminary results of a new study that demonstrates that effective pelvic floor exercises can help women improve their sex lives. The exercises take just 5 minutes a day but the results can be 'mind blowing'!

Over 80% of women who followed the simple PelvicToner exercise programme reported an improved sex life within 4 weeks - source: preliminary results from The 2008 Orgasm Survey ( The 2008 Orgasm Survey aims to raise awareness of the sex benefits of a strong pelvic floor.

These findings reinforce research published in 1952 but consistently overlooked ever since. Arnold Kegel, of the eponymous pelvic floor exercises, reported that over 60% of women who thought they were sexually dysfunctional achieved orgasm for the first time when trained in a simple resistance exercise method.

The PelvicToner encapsulates Kegel's method by helping women identify and isolate the correct pelvic floor muscle and exercise effectively against resistance.

Unfortunately few women are aware of the role that slack vaginal muscles play in a lacklustre sex life. If they were, there would be a far greater incentive to exercise effectively!

In the survey, over 86% admitted that they would like to be shown how to exercise properly in order to improve their sex life!

GP and sexual health expert Dr Sarah Brewer said: "In many ways, we have failed women ever since 1952 by not telling them how to exercises correctly. The secret - as identified by Kegel - is to improve muscle tone by exercising against resistance.

"People understand that to improve muscle it's no good just lifting our arms in the air - no matter how many repetitions we do. We have to introduce some form of resistance to get good results.

"Encouraging women to squeeze repeatedly when sat on the bus or to use devices that do not offer resistance, means many women are wasting their time and increasing their sense of frustration."

The PelvicToner costs just GBP29.99.

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