LONDON, December 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The IT Job Board,, one of the UK's biggest IT jobs site, has launched an iPhone application - the first of its kind that will be IT job specific.

As of the 8th December 2009, the application will be available to download from the iPhone app store, it is also compatible with the iPod Touch - helping candidates to search for an IT job from the palm of their hand.

All 19,588[1] jobs available on the site will be searchable via the application. It will also feature content from The IT Job Board blog,, hosted via an RSS feed - providing the latest industry news and updates.

Using the application, candidates will be able to search for live jobs anytime, anywhere. The powerful search function enables users to drill down by location, salary and job title, the geo location finder pulls back local results. With a simple click, jobs can be shortlisted and sent to an inbox.

The IT Job Board will promote the application to its candidate base via an email marketing campaign, and through advertising across the site and blog.

Commenting on the new iPhone application, Jamie Bowler, head of marketing at The IT Job Board, said: Today, more than 10 million Brits use their mobile phone to surf the internet[2]. We listen to the market and our candidates, and create solutions to support their job hunting activities in this competitive climate.

With the new iPhone application, we believe we really are first to introduce a cross-platform approach to the market.

Notes to editors

About The IT Job Board:

The IT Job Board group of companies was set up in April 2002 in recognition that recruitment in the IT sector was increasingly dominated by the internet.

Online technology enables sophisticated targeting - for example by skill, region or experience - of's database of 800,000 IT professionals. The IT Job Board always tries to get closer to candidates either via planned content campaigns, or through the use of social networks.

The site also offers employers services such as branded job postings, a featured employer zone, targeted email campaigns and guidance on advertising copy. The managed campaign service filters responses to provide companies with a shortlist of applicants most suitable for the advertised position.'s clients include Deloitte, Centrica and The Metropolitan Police.

[1]Number of jobs on site (as of 11am, 14th December 2009)

[2] _phonesin_article_id=766654in_page_id=34

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SOURCE: The IT Job Board

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