ZURICH, Switzerland, October 1 /PRNewswire/ --

- Share Exchange Offer to the Holders of the Following Securities

- Shares of Johnson & Johnson - ISIN: US4781601046 - Symbol: JNJ

The K&N Value Select Corporation offers the holders of the securities named above for every 1 Johnson & Johnson share a change into 1 share of K&N Value Select Corp. - ISIN: CH0006603085 - Symbol: KN4 .

The offer period starts on 13th October 2008 and ends on 27th November 2008.

K&N Value Select Corp. reserves the right to limit the maximum number of shares. If more shares will be registered for exchange than K&N accepts, the assignment will be made on a pro-rata basis. The settlement of the share exchange will be made after expiration of the offer period.

Registration forms and further information on the procedure of settlement are available on the webpage http://www.valueselect.com/jnj resp. http://www.valueselect.com/jnj/

K&N Value Select Corp., Saelistrasse 3, CH-5012 Schoenenwerd, Switzerland. Tel.: +41-62-216-85-65, Fax: +41-62-216-85-66

K&N Value Select Corp., Saelistrasse 3, CH-5012 Schoenenwerd, Switzerland; Mr. Thomas Horvath: Tel.: +41-62-216-85-65, Fax: +41-62-216-85-66