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- Rock n' Roll Your way to Poker Glory With a Brand New Tournament 'The Legends of Rock' at ( is delighted to announce that they have launched an all new fantastic version of its popular online poker site which will change the way you play poker forever!

Aside from the standard daily and weekly tournaments, Free Rolls, Sit Go, open tables and free tables, is unveiling a series of tournaments called 'The Legends of Rock' in which the winner will get a unique prize of a guitar signed by rock god Alice Cooper and his band to celebrate the 2009 'Theatre of Death' tour. A new artist will be showcased every few months for the Legends of Rock series.

Play Poker, listen to Rock And Roll, win money and autographed guitars. This site is very cool - KK

For all those who like to play their poker with a bit more of an edge, visit to sign up now for the 'Legends of Rock' tournament. All details of prizes, how to enter and to sign up for free email alerts can be found by visiting http//


Sign in and click the tournament button. Click special or satellite buttons and find the right table for you

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Rick Kincer, +1-714-322-9559,