NEW YORK, July 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- JuvoLab, a company focused on value creation in the life sciences industry, today announced the release of a unique study detailing the entire global oncology community's utilization of Twitter to enhance scientific discussion at the ASCO 2010 Annual Meeting. This pioneering study analyzed over 4450 tweets, generated by more than 680 users over the course of the conference, and provides clarity and insight into the use of Twitter from breaking clinical news and engaging in clinical discussion to compliant corporate promotion by industry leaders. Users analyzed include medical oncologists, comprehensive cancer centers, research institutions, academic associations, leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-profit organizations, medical communications agencies, journals, journalists, and patients and their advocates.

The study demonstrates: - True extent of Twitter popularity among the ASCO 2010 constituent attendees - Functional role, demographics, and size of following for high-volume users who generated 75% of the total #ASCO10 content - Origin and contextual composition of tweets as clinical news, clinical discussion, promotional tweets, or other - Physicians as the highest generators of clinical discussion tweets and their aggregate views on key clinical management topics - Nature of discussions surrounding investigational or prescription drug products -- over 150 drugs or drug-drug combinations analyzed - Best practices in compliant pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry promotion via Twitter - Best practices in compliant academic association or institutional promotion via Twitter - Complexities and limitations in analyzing social media outputs This 49-page report is essential reading for all of the following: - Individuals and organizations looking to establish a credible and compliant social media presence at major medical meetings - Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry marketing and corporate communications professionals - (Healthcare) social media experts - Public relations officers from academic associations, institutions, journals, and non-profit organizations

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