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- Kenshoo Announces an iPhone Interface for KENSHOO SEARCH

Kenshoo Inc. is excited to announce that KENSHOO SEARCH, the next generation Search Engine Marketing campaign management solution, is now accessible from iPhone. Kenshoo clients who are also iPhone users will now be able to view campaign statistics and reports on their iPhone browser.

With the increasing popularity of iPhone and greater infrastructure for wireless browsing while out and about, it seems like everyone wants and expects to have immediate access to everything online at the moment they need it. By introducing this new function, Kenshoo is making it easier for online marketers to view campaign figures and reports at their convenience. Whether an ad agency executive or an affiliate marketer, being able to keep tabs on budget and campaign success is critical.

In today's dynamic marketplace it is crucial to have an up to date report of your search campaigns. The iPhone interface provides a convenient real alternative for our clients to get updated reports on the go without the hassle of sitting in front of a computer. said Alon Sheafer, VP Products of Kenshoo.

Kenshoo developed this functionality after seeing the exceptional growth of iPhone users and in anticipation of more to come in 2009. These users are mobile savvy, creative and on the go - typical of online marketers. And now they can get the reports when they want when they want them.

Please follow this link to see a hilarious video showing the benefits of having Kenshoo Search on your iPhone!

About Kenshoo

Kenshoo ( is the provider of KENSHOO SEARCH, the only 3rd generation end-to-end search marketing platform. Built utilizing the Quality Management(TM) approach, KENSHOO SEARCH enables marketers to optimize every aspect of their campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Kenshoo's automation and optimization technology is being used today by ad agencies and advertisers on five continents and in dozens of languages. Kenshoo is backed by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance.

Contact: Alon Sheafer VP Marketing Co-founder +972-3-746-6500

Contact: Alon Sheafer, VP Marketing Co-founder, +972-3-746-6500,