UMEA, Sweden, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Konftel AB, Europe's leading conference phones manufacturer, announced today that it will start delivering IP conference phones to the German company snom technology AG.

This order has a certain prestige - snom is a market leader in IP telephony, comments Peter Renkel, CEO at Konftel.

On the CeBIT Show a week ago, snom launched its snom MeetingPoint - a SIP-based conference phone as the first result of the partnership which began in July 2008.

VoIP phones from snom are recognised for their generous range of peripheral applications that make business communication easier. The technical solution adopted in the phones enables a wide area of use while their flexibility makes it possible to integrate them in virtually all SIP-based environments.

In the moment we decided to complement our portfolio with conference phones we looked for an optimal partner for us. Konftel stands for innovative, high-quality products that are equipped with their world-class OmniSound(R) audio technology, so it was clearly the first choice for a partnership explains Dr. Michael Knieling, Sales and Marketing Director at snom.

The snom MeetingPoint is an excellent fusion of two experts: the excellent audio quality developed by Konftel combined with the extraordinary IP know how from the market leader in SIP telephony.

The transition to IP telephony is speeding up all over the world. We have every confidence in both our own IP telephony and our partnership with snom. Chances are excellent that our relationship with snom will generate more exciting assignments in the future, says Peter Renkel who predicts vast market potential despite the current recession.

In times of financial crisis and climate threats, phone conferences are a given choice for all business organisations wanting to save time and money while preserving the environment.

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