CAMBRIDGE, England, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- AVEVA (LSE:AVV) today announces further enhancements to its AVEVA Plant portfolio, with significant improvements to AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA Global and all of its schematics products.

Notable improvements have been made to AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Global, further extending AVEVA's technology leadership in 3D plant design and multi-site project execution.

This latest release introduces numerous new and improved capabilities, many of which are as a result of consultation with AVEVA customers.

One of the major enhancements is the ability of AVEVA PDMS users to openly share data with users of AVEVA Outfitting, part of the AVEVA Marine portfolio, in even the most complex and demanding global projects. Customers involved in any part of the offshore oil gas or marine industries will benefit from greatly enhanced standardisation across their projects coupled with increased flexibility in the way they work with their project partners.

The new version of AVEVA Global, AVEVA's unique technology for managing multi-project execution, receives many enhancements, including new compression technology that further reduces band-width and network availability requirements.

All of the schematic products within AVEVA Plant have also received major updates, and a new product, AVEVA Diagrams, has been added to the Plant portfolio.

AVEVA VPE PID has been extensively upgraded and is renamed AVEVA PID at this release. Still integrated with AVEVA VPE Workbench, AVEVA PID is now a fully object-centric, AutoCAD-based application, employing Microsoft .NET technology, and capable of integration with AVEVA's Dabacon database via AVEVA PID Manager. The latest version is an excellent illustration of AVEVA's policy of Continual Progression; providing customers with increasing capabilities and flexibility while ensuring full upwards compatibility of their existing design data.

AVEVA Diagrams is a powerful tool for creating PIDs and HVAC diagrams, with an intuitive Microsoft Visio user interface, for users whose priority is direct interaction with the schematic model database. Already a popular element of AVEVA Marine, it has been upgraded and introduced to the plant portfolio, reflecting the progressively closer integration of these two product families.

AVEVA PID and AVEVA Diagrams are two complementary products, providing customers with freedom to choose their preferred solution. PID drawings and data from both of these products, and from a number of third party PID systems can be consistency checked against the 3D PDMS model using the latest AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator.

This new release of the AVEVA Plant portfolio also includes the latest update to the new AVEVA Instrumentation product, which is a feature-rich suite of integrated applications for the efficient specification, design and maintenance of all plant instrumentation and control systems.

Bruce Douglas, AVEVA's Vice President Marketing and Product Strategy, said: AVEVA Plant is an integrated set of engineering and design applications for the process plant and power industries. It allows engineers and designers on multiple sites to work together, in the most productive and risk-free way. These latest upgrades make them even more productive and further extends our leadership in many areas.

Richard Longdon, CEO of AVEVA said: At every new product release, AVEVA pushes out the boundaries of what it is possible to achieve in the plant engineering industries. These latest upgrades will deliver immediate, measurable benefits to our customers, increase their capabilities, and increase our technology leadership.

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For further information, please contact: Alison Patey, Marketing Communications Manager, AVEVA, Tel: +44-1223-556653,