WALTHAM, Massachusetts, May 21 /PRNewswire/ --

- ABSNet Loan Provides Performance Metrics on US Non-Agency MBS Transactions

Lewtan Technologies, Inc., provider of ABSNet, the industry's leading source for asset-backed securities surveillance data, analytics, software, and content for the global securitisation industry, today announced the unveiling of a new product called ABSNet Loan. ABSNet Loan provides valuable key performance metrics and predictive variables on the mortgages and home equity loans that back US non-agency MBS and home equity transactions.

Our decision to build ABSNet Loan came in response to overwhelming market demand, said Ned Myers, chief marketing officer of Lewtan. Obviously, the continued deterioration of loans backing non-agency securitized pools necessitates a loan by loan review of credit risk. Coupled with the lack of consistent, normalized, timely, and transparent data otherwise available in the market, ABSNet Loan became a logical extension to Lewtan's market-leading surveillance data and analysis tools. We have found that investors have taken greater ownership of the credit analysis of their holdings in this credit downturn. As a result, the additional transparency provided by ABSNet Loan is long overdue.

ABSNet loan is available in two different forms: via a direct download or a flexible on-line web application. The information is updated in a timely fashion and undergoes rigorous data normalization and quality control checks. Since Lewtan augments publicly available data with proprietary data, a more comprehensive picture of potential exposure on each loan is possible.

ABSNet Loan is currently available in beta with its official release in June 2009. For more information please go to www.lewtan.com.

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