SINGAPORE, December 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Acision, the world's leading messaging company, today announced that MobileOne (M1), a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore, has deployed the Acision Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC) to support ongoing growth in MMS traffic. In the last year, MMS traffic volumes have increased by 14.4 per cent in Singapore, and reached more than 10 million multimedia messages in 2008.

Acision's proven MMSC architecture provides M1 with the capacity to process high volume MMS traffic and efficiently manage that traffic during peak periods. M1 now has a multimedia channel that enables person-to-person, premium content and application-to-person messaging, all of which are needed to support mobile marketing activities as well as enable uploads to social network and user generated content sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

M1 can also create, manage and deliver multimedia-based marketing campaigns using the Acision Rich Media Broadcaster. MMS is a perfect channel for marketing due to the rich user experience it delivers as audio, pictures, video, and long text (over 160 characters) can be delivered in one message.

P Subramanium, Chief Marketing Officer of M1, said: The new MMSC will greatly enhance the capability and sophistication of M1's multimedia message delivery service for both the enterprise and consumer segments. It will give us the capacity to handle future demand for this service and help drive growth in non-voice revenue. In particular, we will now be able to offer the full multimedia effects of visuals and sound in our location-based advertising and application-based services to our clients in the retail and other commercial sectors. They will benefit from more impactful and efficient messages to their target audiences and enjoy greater success with their customer communication campaigns.

Mark Williams, Senior Vice President General Manager of Acision in Asia Pacific, commented: MMS may have had a slow start in life, but with the proliferation of MMS capable handsets and the adoption of 3G services, we are now seeing ongoing growth year-on-year. This increasing popularity, aided by services such as mobile blogging, Facebook and application-to-person messaging for mobile marketing and advertising, means there is still strong growth ahead. It is therefore critical for M1 to exploit sticky market trends like mobile social networking and advertising to drive usage of MMS and secure greater revenues.

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