PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, September 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MyGardenRouteInfo.com has recently identified serious accessibility issues at restaurants, accommodation and tourist attractions along the Garden Route and throughout the Eastern Cape and has endeavoured to offer a comprehensive resource for tourists with mobility and accessibility issues.

According to Steve Chester, managing director of MyGardenRouteInfo.com, improving accessibility to establishments along the Garden Route (http://gardenroute.mydestinationinfo.com/) requires a small investment, and is a business decision that can open a new and loyal market which he believes is currently under-catered for in the local market.

Recent experiences with my own family have made me realize how little effort is put into making businesses accessible to people with mobility issues, said Chester.

As such, MyGardenRouteInfo.com is encouraging companies that have wheelchair-friendly facilities to contact MyGardenRouteInfo via their website, for more info on adding an organisation to the website's growing list of establishments.

MyGardenRouteInfo.com now offers significant exposure to those companies who comply with their accessibility standards via their accessible travel page. They also offer details of wheelchair friendly accommodation in Garden Route ( http://gardenroute.mydestinationinfo.com/en/wheelchair-facilities-accomm...) and wheelchair friendly restaurants in the Garden Route (http://gardenroute.mydestinationinfo.com/en/wheelchair-friendly-restaura...).

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At the same time, Chester believes that accessibility considerations should not be restricted to people in wheelchairs or shop riders, but also consider people with visual and hearing impairments, senior citizens whose balance and agility is not what it used to be, people requiring oxygen and people with walking aids such as canes and walking frames.

Chester added: In Europe a lot of companies have realised that catering for this potentially lucrative market can have a very positive effect on their bottom line, thus creating a win-win situation for both local businesses and their clients.

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