LONDON, April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of thousands of travellers around the world already know about Home Exchange and its increasing popularity as a way to see the world and stay for free. What many people don't know is that Home Exchange is also an eco-friendly way to visit virtually anywhere in the world, as a local, not a tourist. Home Exchange doesn't increase the local population and has virtually no incremental impact on the environment.

Home Exchange has quickly become the green way to travel as it preserves the local culture, supports the local economy, and people, and creates a sustainable tourism model that mirrors the way people really live day-to-day. The golden rule of Home Exchange is: 'Leave your exchange partner's home and the surrounding area as, or better than, you found it'.

Instead of promoting a never-ending expansion of huge hotels, disposable comforts, and packaged holidays, the incremental footprint of a Home Exchange visit is virtually zero compared to a hotel stay where it would be significant, says Ed Kushins, President of Hotels employ many staff and generate a huge amount of waste every day, from mini shampoo bottles and shower caps, to shoe-shinning sponges and free newspapers.

A Home Exchange means guests stay in a local neighborhood without burdening the local ecosystem, as they take the place of the exchange family. Guests can cook at home and shop in small local stores and farmers' markets instead of the large shopping malls and restaurants surrounding most hotels. This makes the impact of each stay almost invisible, and except for getting there, a holiday nearly anywhere in the world doesn't have to cost any more than staying at home. Many exchangers also swap the use of bicycles and cars, reducing the need for a rental car.

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