WADDINXVEEN, the Netherlands, August 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The climate-neutral, organic vine tomatoes of the Dutch "Nature & More" farmers will get extra promotional attention in the coming weeks through various advertising materials for (organic food) retailers. Vine tomatoes get a promotional card with the farmer's photo printed on it and the TÜV (German certification agency) Nature & More "Climate Neutral" symbol. This symbol is also visible on small quantity flow packs which are - of course - compostable.

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The TÜV Nature & More "Climate Neutral" symbol stands for reduction and disclosure of and compensation for greenhouse gas emissions related to the manufacturing, shipping, cooling and packaging of Nature & More products, specifically vine tomatoes. Nature & More farmers receive the "Climate Neutral" label with TÜV certification if they compensate for the emission of all greenhouse gasses in the chain of production. For this initiative, Eosta is partnering with its sister company Soil & More, which initiates projects all over the world to process biological waste into superior compost, much wanted by organic and traditional farmers. The process is completed without emission of the environmentally harmful methane. In addition, other harmful greenhouse gasses are also eliminated, such as the nitrous oxide released in the manufacture and use of fertilizing chemicals. Finally, the Soil & More compost increases the level of humus in the ground, which binds carbon from the atmosphere. The emission rights earned by Soil & More with these projects are used as compensation for its own emissions due to shipping, cooling, packaging, etc. http://www.soilandmore.com

Eosta's TÜV certified climate-neutral vegetables and fruits were first unveiled at Fruit Logistica, the fresh produce trade show. TÜV Nord has been assigned by the United Nations as the first inspection organization to conduct this type of emission analyses and to certify emission rights.

Reaction from leading retailers in France, Sweden and Germany is enthusiastic. Climate change is becoming an increasingly decisive factor in the purchasing behavior of today's consumers. Retailers have made the difference as the first in the European food market with an independently certified climate-neutral claim. It is based on a complete analysis of all greenhouse gasses in the chain; emissions are being compensated with climate rights obtained from organic agricultural practices that actually contribute to solutions for the world's climate issues.

Please enter the unique product code on http://www.natureandmore.com for the unique story of the farmer behind each product, and all the details you want to know about climate-neutral products and CO2 values per kilogram of a product.

Note to editors: Eosta, Nature & More, Mady Hogenboom, +31(0)180-635500, mady.hogenboom@eosta.com.