WADDINXVEEN, The Netherlands, August 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Exactly 40 years after Woodstock, a "Rock for Nature" rock concert will be held in the Schwabisch Hall in Germany from August 22 through 24. The concert's theme will be organic, genetic-manipulation free agriculture. Eosta's sister organization "Soil & More" will fully compensate all CO2 emissions arising from the concert with "carbon credits" obtained through composting projects for organic agriculture.

The concert will feature world-famous artists and bands such as Scorpions, Nena, Joe Cocker and Roger Hodgson (formerly with Supertramp). In addition, there will be a wide range of get-togethers focusing on the main subject of the concert.

Soil & More sets up and manages large-scale organic composting sites worldwide, where organic waste is converted into a superior compost mixture. Organic and traditional growers gratefully use this compost. The composting process does not release environment-burdening methane gas. In addition, the process prevents the creation of other harmful greenhouse gasses, like nitrous oxide, which is released during the manufacture and application of fertilizer. Finally, this Soil & More compost creates higher humus content in the soil, which traps carbon from the atmosphere.

The emission rights Soil & More earns with its composting project are used by Eosta (growers) to compensate for their own remaining discharges. Since the recent Fruit Logistica show, Eosta has launched a wide range of climate-neutral products under the "Nature & More" brand, including apples, pears, oranges and, this week, vine tomatoes. These first-ever climate-neutral agricultural products carry the TUV-Nature & More "Climate Neutral" symbol, which represents reduction, publication and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions linked to the production, transportation, cooling and packaging of Nature & More products. Nature & More growers receive the "Climate Neutral"-label with TUV-certification by compensating for the emission of all greenhouse gasses in the chain.