LYON, France, March 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- "The business world is constantly changing. We are entering a new era where the increasing complexity of issues is part of a multicentre context. Faced with these challenges we need entrepreneurial creators of wealth and social justice. At the same time, companies are telling us that they need people that are flexible, quick thinking and endowed with an international vision and a desire to innovate," says Patrick Molle, President of EMLYON Business School.

The Global EMBA has been designed to meet the specific needs of experienced executives and company leaders evolving in companies with an international calling. It gives them the strategic vision, open-mindedness and the entrepreneurial leadership needed to develop their ability to anticipate, to take risks, to motivate their teams and to think differently with a socially responsible approach.

The opening session of the Global Executive MBA is planned during the World Entrepreneurship Forum that each year brings together an international community of more than 100 members from 55 countries, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, experts and politicians. The next edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum is to be held at the beginning of November 2011 in Singapore. From this very first module, the Global EMBA participants will be able to absorb the vision conveyed by the World Entrepreneurship Forum of a responsible entrepreneurial leader, a creator of wealth and social justice. Supported by members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the participants will be actively involved in the reflection that takes place and, the following year, they will carry out a project directly related to the main themes put forward by the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Geopolitics, strategy, entrepreneurial dynamics, managing diversity, driving the performance or strategy of change - these are the core modules of the programme.

It is designed in such a way as to offer a very high level of flexibility to each participant, enabling him to adapt the pace of his training to his professional and personal situation. It is planned around ten intensive modules of about six to ten days every eight weeks, spread out over a period of 21 months.

In addition, the programme is designed to combine different types of learning in a real context of "Blended Learning". Virtual sessions therefore prepare and complete the direct teaching modules, leading projects and group work.

Finally, from among the 4 fundamental projects to be carried out during the programme, the "Strategic Initiative Project" offers the participants and their companies the opportunity of a rapid return on investment by dealing with a strategic problem that for them is concrete.

Term starts : 24 October 2011

Public : experienced executives (10 to 13 years' experience)

Training fees : 45 000 euros pre-tax

Language : English

France - China - Singapore - Turkey

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EML Executive Development is the Executive Education arm of EMLYON Business School for the assessment, training and coaching of managers and company leaders. Its mission is to enhance the performance of company managers and leaders in the world by using innovative and effective solutions to develop skills.

Its Executive MBA programme is No. 1 in the world for entrepreneurship (Financial Times, October 2010)

EMLYON Business School is one of the Top 10 business schools in Europe (Financial Times, December 2010).

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