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- New Name Highlights Company's Mission to Improve the Quality of Mobile Applications and Services

Nexperience, a leading provider of remote access and automated testing solutions for mobile devices, announced today that is has changed its name to Perfecto Mobile.

The new name highlights Perfecto Mobile's mission and on-going commitment to its customers and partners to improve efficiency and maximize quality in the development, testing and deployment processes of mobile applications and services.

As reflected in our new name, we at Perfecto Mobile continuously strive to perfect the end-user experience in the mobile world says Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. Perfecto Mobile enables the various players in the mobile industry to overcome the challenges involved in ensuring quality across a multitude of devices and networks, while shortening the time-to-market to develop and deploy mobile applications and content.

The recent emergence of mobile application stores and open handset platforms greatly intensifies this challenge as many new developers are now drawn to the mobile industry and face the need to deploy their applications on a large and growing selection of handsets added Mr. Yaniv. With a unique offering for mobile applications, based on automated testing and remote access to a large variety of the latest mobile handsets, Perfecto Mobile is well positioned to offer an ideal solution.

With the new company name and new website,, Perfecto Mobile is offering special terms and promotions to its Handset Cloud service customers.

About Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile's Handset Cloud service enables developers and testers located anywhere in the world to access, via the Internet, a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets. Users can use the Perfecto Mobile handsets to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services. In addition, they can use the service to ensure effective collaboration between their various internal teams, their customers and their partners.

Perfecto Mobile also provides dedicated Private Handset Cloud systems for mobile operators, handset manufacturers, and independent software vendors. The Perfecto Mobile system provides a secure, online environment where users can access pre-and post-launch handsets for development, testing, and post-deployment service monitoring. Vodafone and Swisscom are among the Perfecto Mobile customers who are already taking advantage of the Private Handset Cloud system.

Founded in 2006, Perfecto Mobile's headquarters are located in Petach Tivkva, Israel. The company is funded by Carmel Ventures and Vertex Venture Capital. For more information and a free trial please visit

For more information contact: Dan Shoshani Perfecto Mobile Tel: +972-3-926-0100 Email:

For more information contact: Dan Shoshani, Perfecto Mobile, Tel: +972-3-926-0100, Email: