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- The Nexperience System Provides Access to Pre-launched Vodafone Devices via the web, for Pre-deployment Testing and Monitoring by Vodafone and its Premium Partners

Nexperience, a leading provider of remote access and automated testing solutions for mobile devices, today announced that Vodafone, the world's leading international mobile communications group, has selected the Nexperience system. The Nexperience system will be used to provide Vodafone's global network of Premium Partners, including device manufacturers and application developers, with a secure online environment to access pre-launched Vodafone handsets, for pre-deployment development and testing. This will help Vodafone ensure the quality of its handsets and embedded mobile applications and support the delivery of new handsets to market. The Nexperience system will also help Vodafone reduce the costs and logistics of the pre-deployment process.

The Nexperience system provides a web-based user-interface through which Vodafone and its partners can quickly and easily use any handset in the same way a real-life user would, through its keys, touch-screen, or QWERTY keyboard, to validate that the handset and is applications work properly. The Nexperience system also enables Vodafone's users to automate standard testing tasks.

In addition to its powerful remote access capabilities, the Nexperience system provides a secure, shared testing environment to facilitate collaboration between testers, developers and device manufacturers.

We are delighted that Vodafone has selected our system to help them fulfill their mission, said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Nexperience. Our ability to support new devices quickly enables Nexperience to provide Vodafone with a unique solution for testing pre-launched devices, and supporting and enhancing the breadth and depth of their existing testing process.

About Nexperience

Nexperience significantly reduces the complexity and cost of developing, deploying and maintaining mobile applications and content across devices, networks and geographies. The Nexperience Handset Cloud service enables mobile application developers and content providers to remotely access and control a multitude of real mobile handsets located around the world, and automatically run tests and validation procedures on them. Nexperience continuously provides immediate access to the latest and most popular devices through the service. Mobile operators and device manufacturers can also utilize Nexperience's unique Private Handset Cloud to provide their partners with a secure environment where they can access new devices before they are launched commercially.

Founded in 2006, Nexperience's headquarters are located in Petach Tivkva, Israel, and the company has service sites in the UK and the US. Additional sites will be introduced in 2009. For more information and a free trial please visit

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For more information contact: Dan Shoshani, Nexperience, Tel: +972-3-926-0100, Email:

For more information contact: Dan Shoshani, Nexperience, Tel: +972-3-926-0100, Email: