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- World's First IP-Focused Laboratory, Pre-Deployment and In-Life Monitoring Solution

Epitiro, the global leader in comparative broadband benchmarking today announces Femtocell Test Suite, the world's first complete test solution for Operators, Service Providers and Manufacturers of femtocells.

Femtocell Test Suite covers the key stages from device manufacture, to customer pre-test deployment and ultimately to in-life operation - providing real-time service delivery information at every stage.

Unlike other testing products, the Femtocell Test Suite reports real-time IP-based service delivery metrics (not simulated) based on actual traffic events in the broadband backhaul often as a result of network issues or ISP traffic management policies.

"Operators need to understand the delivery quality from the lab to roll-out," said JP Curley, Epitiro's chief technical officer. "The crunch of simultaneous IP Telephony, P2P, traffic management policies and general broadband traffic on the upload bandwidth will severely impact femtocell voice quality at key points in the day - that needs to be tested, understood and monitored. Operators need to manage each customer's expectations of the Femtocell offering or risk alienating consumers early on."

Femtocell Test Suite is comprised of 3 products;

FemtoLab(TM) empowers engineers to critically assess femtocells in a 'live' broadband lab environment via DSL, Cable or Ethernet-based testing. The interrogation features and automated range of test scenarios include functional Voice and HSXPA performance as well as scalability testing.

FemtoLite(TM) pre-deployment "software as a service" (SaaS) solution analyses a potential customer's broadband connection from the customer premises allowing operators and ISPs to assess the suitability for a femtocell installation and set expectations accordingly.

ISP-I(TM) Femto provides operators with in-life monitoring and service quality metrics of any national or international femtocell delivery network, be it their own or a competitor's. The scope and detail of the metrics are ideal for SLA management and ensuring good customer experience.

Epitiro's renowned report-generating capability is applicable across all products and allows users to quickly and easily see test performance data in a variety of formats. The powerful and flexible report generation, including Web browser access to all reports, provides extensive views of both an operator and competitor performance.

"Femtocell Test Suite combines our expertise in broadband and voice analysis with our new radio interface technology to ensure successful femtocell network installations," said Curley. "We're excited to bring this much needed solution to market."

About Epitiro

Epitiro is the global leader in comparative broadband benchmarking providing customer experience insight to ISPs, cellular and fixed line operators, media providers, multi-national corporations and government regulators.

Clients such as BT, Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, Telecom New Zealand, Ofcom, Tiscali, KPN and many others benefit from Epitiro's coverage of fixed and wireless broadband performance.

Founded in 2000, Epitiro is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

CARDIFF, July 8 /PRNewswire/ --


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