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- Real-World Test Results Show Need to Manage Voice Quality

Epitiro, the broadband communications authority, today released the Femtocell Deployment Guide to assist cellular operators with a successful rollout of the forthcoming in-home communications technology.

Based on femtocell testing and monitoring trials the company has been conducting over numerous ISP services, the Guide highlights the issues that are likely to affect voice quality. The Guide explores the affects of packet loss, jitter and latency and also references the PESQ Mean Opinion Score (MOS) metric for assessing voice quality. In addition, the impact of traffic management policies from various ISPs is analysed with respect to IPSec (femtocell), TCP, P2P and HTTP (browsing) traffic streams.

Detailed graphs based on analysis using Epitiro's Femtocell Test Suite show the performance of IPSec traffic in real-world situations.

Cellular operators need to understand that residential broadband service can vary significantly by time of day, day of week and by type of traffic. said JP Curley, CTO, Epitiro. We're recommending that operators make informed decisions before providing femtocells to their subscribers and also have real-time ISP performance metrics at their finger tips.

In addition to showing results based on investigative testing, the Guide suggests cellular operators negotiate Service Level Agreements with ISPs and instate the means to measure and monitor voice quality from the home. The Guide introduces a strategy of pre-deployment testing/in-life monitoring as part of 5 Key Recommendations to ensure the successful deployment of Femtocells.

Curley will present the data from Epitiro's femtocell investigations at Femtocells USA 2008, Dallas, December 1-3.

Copies of the Femtocell Deployment Guide can be downloaded at

About Epitiro

Epitiro is a pioneer in femtocell network testing and a global leader in broadband benchmarking, providing customer experience insight to ISPs, cellular and fixed line operators, media providers, multi-national corporations and government regulators. Clients such as BT, Vodafone, Orange, Virgin Media, IP Access, Telecom New Zealand, Ofcom, Tiscali, KPN and many others benefit from Epitiro's independent analysis of fixed and wireless broadband performance. Founded in 2000, Epitiro is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

CARDIFF, Wales, November 25 /PRNewswire/ --

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