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- World's First IP-Focused Laboratory and In-Life LTE Test Solution

Epitiro, the broadband communications authority, today announces the LTE Test Suite, the world's first packet-domain test solution for UMTS long term evolution (LTE) device manufacturers and mobile network operators (MNO). The suite is comprised of LTELabTM and ISP-I TM LTE.

LTELab is designed to empower LTE cell designers and MNO product assessment engineers with the ability to test an LTE cell under real network stress. Over 200 simultaneous LTE-based broadband sessions can be established as can an unlimited number of other mobile voice and data sessions (2G, 3G, 3.5G, HSDPA). LTELab's ability to generate and monitor the performance of these types of traffic in a lab environment is a distinct advantage over test gear that only simulates network conditions.

For early LTE movers entering field trials, Epitiro has added a new portfolio of LTE analysis features to ISP-I, its flagship broadband monitoring platform. Enhancements include the ability to accurately measure broadband speeds in excess of 300Mb/sec as well as modifications to reporting and database formatting.

LTE is an exciting technology that will revolutionise broadband services if it meets customer expectations. said JP Curley, Epitiro's chief technical officer. We've designed the LTE Test Suite so that test engineers can create any type of concurrent traffic scenario and fully understand performance under load.

Epitiro's unique product/service offering is a combination of technology and interactive support, with engineers available to custom-design tests and provide 24-7 monitoring of testing on-line. Further, the LTE Test Suite has exceptional report-generating capability and allows users to quickly and easily see test performance data in a variety of formats.

The industry needs to get to grips with end-to-end IP networking, high-speed data throughput, latency and application-specific issues. stated Curley. Our LTE Test Suite and interactive support will help manufactures create best-possible LTE cells and enable MNOs to successfully buy and deploy LTE infrastructure.

Technical information on the LTE Test Suite can be found at

About Epitiro

Epitiro is the global leader in comparative broadband benchmarking providing customer experience insight to ISPs, cellular and fixed line operators, media providers, multi-national corporations and government regulators.

Clients such as Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica O2, Mobily, Virgin Media, Telecom New Zealand, BT, IP.access, Ofcom, IDA Singapore, Tiscali, CTM China, KPN and many others benefit from Epitiro's coverage of fixed and wireless broadband performance.

Founded in 2000, Epitiro is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Editors, PR contact Iain Wood +44(0)2920-488-226

Editors, PR contact: Iain Wood,, +44(0)2920-488-226