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RapidShare AG, one of the most popular 1-click hosts, held a 50,000 Euro prize
draw for its premium and collector’s users on its webpage in May this
year. Bobby Chang, COO of RapidShare AG, personally presented the prize to
19-year-old Indian Srishti A. Over 500,000 participants from 60 countries took
part in the RapidShare Lottery.

The fact that the lucky winner was from India did not stop Bobby Chang from
personally presenting the prize. I take it for granted that the winner should be
congratulated personally says Chang. We were overwhelmed by the number of
countries using RapidShare. Particularly in India, there are many young people
enthusiastic about IT. We are proud that they use our product to exchange data.

The winner was clearly touched by the personal presentation of the prize. I
still can’t believe it. With this prize, I can realise my dream of further
study at a respected college, explained Srishti A. As an IT student, she learned
about RapidShare from her classmates. RapidShare gives us the opportunity to
send larger files quickly and easily - we only need an internet connection and
everyone has one of those here! With my Premium Account, I can securely save
even confidential data online.

Taking part in the RapidShare Lottery was uncomplicated and very easy: users
simply exchanged 50 RapidPoints for a lottery ticket, which was automatically
entered into the mega prize draw. RapidPoints are generated by uploading and
downloading files.

About RapidShare

RapidShare distributes digital information for companies and individuals. The
files can be uploaded to the system in just a few steps and can then be made
available to the recipients for downloading. RapidShare AG was founded in 2006
and is based in Cham, Switzerland.

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SOURCE: RapidShare AG

Your press contact: Indigo Pearl GmbH Co. KG, Richardstr. 45, 22081 Hamburg,
Germany, Ina Frank, Phone: +49-40-253302 -77,