CHAM, Switzerland, December 8 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidShare, a distributor of digital information to companies and individual clients, today announced its Americas Reseller Program for authorized distributors of RapidShare premium accounts in the United States, Canada and South America.

Without a required minimum annual revenue commitment, online businesses can quickly benefit from the rapidly expanding market potential for distributing digital information, with worldwide Internet usage hitting more than 1.7 billion as of September 30, 2009 (Source: Internet World Stats) and the size of files transferred increasing all the time.

Many people want to send files to their friends, family and business partners that are too big to be delivered by email, explains Bobby Chang, COO of RapidShare. Our service enables people to send big files fast, easy and securely, eliminating the need to set up any additional infrastructure. With 40 million users on the RapidShare platform every day, our resellers benefit from working with one of the most proven distributors of digital information.

RapidShare has seen enormous success in Brazil, especially because of the easy to use platform. RapidShare premium users enjoy great advantages and even free users are able to download and upload with just one click. This type of service is exactly what Brazilian users treasure. Many Brazilian businesses use the RapidShare services as well and our customers can only give their praises for the service. We believe that the incredible download and upload speed, and overall ease of usage is what has made RapidShare such a success in Brazil, says Wilkson Pereira, owner of Contas Premium, a Brazilian company that is designed solely for the purpose of reselling RapidShare premium accounts. The lucrative partnership between Contas Premium and RapidShare is growing day by day and has reached levels we never imagined to be possible. Brazilian users have been longing for a local RapidShare partner. Together we have been able to bring the services closer to Brazilian users and we have been able to increase the customer base immensely.

Interested resellers are required to be a registered business in the market they wish to sell and ideally already run an online business. Once approved, resellers get the official RapidShare-Reseller-Logo and have immediate access to an easy-to-use reseller website where they can generate new accounts within seconds. Since RapidShare provides the customer support and help desk by email and telephone, there is no need to invest in additional customer care operations.

Resellers generate accounts through their own interface, giving full management and control over their customers, with higher margins based on the number of accounts they sell.

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RapidShare AG distributes digital information to companies and individual clients. Data can be uploaded into a system in a few easy steps and then made available for users to download. RapidShare AG was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Cham, Switzerland.


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