LONDON, April 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Style over substance? Or substance over style? The televised leaders' debate is being dubbed the ultimate video manifesto and now parliamentary candidates (PCs) in the North East are having their say with the help of cutting edge video messaging technology.

Unlike their slick and smooth party leaders, there are stutters and occasional ........errrms, but this is what makes candidates more human, and more real!

It's a first for Britain, and a first for UK politics. Voters in the North East are being given the chance to see and hear their parliamentary candidates, thanks to the UK's fastest growing video communications website WinkBall.

Many PCs in the North East have already turned to WinkBall and are actively on the site urging the public to vote for them. Viewers on the site can decide for themselves who has delivered the most compelling sound bites, and who they think will be the undisputed victor in their local constituency.

Each candidate can sum up in a video interview what issues are most important to them, and where they stand on key policies. The site is interactive too, and voters can respond with their own comments, recorded on web cameras, or leave a question for a candidate to respond to.

Among the candidates who have already uploaded their manifestos online at are:

Gareth Kane: Liberal Democrat, Newcastle upon Tyne Central; Ian Lindley: Liberal Democrat, North Durham; Karen Allen: Conservative, South Shields; David Ord: Liberal Democrat, North Tyneside; Chi Onwurah: Labour, Newcastle upon Tyne Central; Catherine McKinnell: Labour, Newcastle upon Tyne North; John Tennant: UKIP, Gateshead; Alan Thompson: Liberal Democrat, Sedgewick; Peter Andas: Liberal Democrat, Washington Sunderland West; Stephen Psallidas: Liberal Democrat, South Shields; Pauline Featonby-Warren: UKIP, Sunderland Central.

WinkBall say they're bringing canvassing into the 21st century - via their initiative 'Do You Know Who You're Voting For'. WinkBall co-founder Dr James Ohene-Djan says: Campaigning has never been this exciting and the electorate has never seemingly been so interested in politics. This is truly an online election and gives voters an amazing insight into so many parliamentary candidates. We are aiming to interview and feature as many PCs as possible in the North East on

Visit to view candidate video manifestos

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