EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, February 16 /PRNewswire/ -- NXP Software's new ambient products make mobile phones more responsive and intuitive. By being ambient aware, they enable functionality like ringtones that adapt to the user's environment and by offering ambient experiences they make video and TV on mobile truly immersive and easier to use.

LifeVibes AmbiVolume: ambient-aware so users never miss a call!

AmbiVolume is an ambient aware product designed to ensure mobile phone users never miss calls because they can't hear their phone - or suffer the embarrassment of a ringtone that's too loud for the environment they are in. The software continuously monitors the ambient noise and adjusts ringer volume accordingly.

The software is the result of years of fundamental research and acoustic expertise, yet is simple to implement and runs on all types of phone from entry-level to smartphones. It is entirely automatic, so users don't have to adjust profiles or settings. In user tests the functionality was rated as important or essential.

LifeVibes CinemaSound: cinema surround sound on mobile

CinemaSound brings the exciting ambience of a home cinema to mobile phones. The software enables handset makers to offer high-quality surround sound for movies, video clips or live performances. `CinemaSound can produce full surround sound from any stereo, matrix-encoded or 5.1 channel input. It automatically levels out volume changes between tracks, and also offers powerful bass performance and crystal-clear high frequencies.

Optimized to run on even highly-constrained mobile platforms, CinemaSound delivers a rich ambient listening experience on handsets and headphones.

LifeVibes QuickPlayer: boosting the online media experience

The latest QuickPlayer delivers more responsive mobile TV and video viewing - closer to what people are familiar with at home. Incorporating the LifeVibes QuickStart technology and the latest version of the proven LifeVibes TvPlayer, this new solution reduces buffering times by 50% for online video such as TV on demand, live TV and YouTube Mobile. This means users enjoy a fast start-up of content and rapid channel switching, just like on a living-room TV set.


SOURCE: NXP Software

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