LONDON, August 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Trade Extensions has unveiled a new release of its strategic sourcing software featuring 'one page' optimisation and intuitive reporting.

Optimisation allows buyers to find the best combination of suppliers and goods or services and is essential with today's complex sourcing events. The best combination will not necessarily be the lowest cost solution and optimisation means organisations can find the combination that meets their own strategic objectives. The new software - release 5.5 - is more intuitive and gives users autonomy by making it simple to perform complex analyses. Optimisation scenarios are now defined from one location without the need to navigate through multiple pages and users can also analyse data using a library of standard queries - making analyses easier and faster still.

The reporting functionality has also been improved and data can now be analysed using OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) meaning users can 'slice and dice' the data any way they choose and report easily on any aspect of the procurement process. Reports can also be presented graphically, facilitating clear communication throughout users' organisations.

Trade Extensions CEO Garry Mansell said, The new functionality makes the software easier to use. Users are able to achieve the best strategic sourcing solutions themselves and they are less reliant on us as a company to help find the answer.

Over last 12 months Trade Extensions has grown revenue by 25% as companies are seeing optimisation and strategic sourcing as essential when trying to achieve the best overall value that does not compromise quality.

Mansell said, Our desire is to have the most powerful analysis software that can be used with as little assistance as possible on our part. Once users have been trained to use the software they are able to perform complex analyses at great speed with the minimum of effort.

Trade Extensions

Trade Extensions ( sets new standards for on-line procurement and optimisation. Its unique procurement software helps organisations achieve their strategic buying objectives by specifying sourcing events, collecting offers and, most significantly, optimising the results. On-line procurement projects generate millions of variables and it is the algorithm design that underpins the success of Trade Extensions' software and means solutions can be identified in seconds. Trade Extensions also provides integrated spend analysis to help organisations identify and exploit procurement opportunities.

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