LONDON, November 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Trade Extensions, providers of strategic sourcing and optimisation software, has launched a new risk sharing initiative to help buyers assess the benefits of optimised sourcing without long term financial commitment.

The new scheme allows buyers to run a single sourcing event over a three month period for a one off fee of EUR35,000. Alternatively, buyers wanting to run two sourcing events can do so over a six month period for EUR70,000.

The scheme has been introduced to meet the needs of buyers who want to use Trade Extensions' sourcing software but cannot immediately commit to an annual licence that allows unlimited usage.

Trade Extensions President, Garry Mansell, said, The new scheme is a simple way for buyers to experience the benefits of our software without committing to a long term agreement. This in turn provides reassurance for other stakeholders because they can see how an annual licence with unlimited usage means future sourcing events can benefit in the same way.

Trade Extensions software has run sourcing events worth billions of euros over the last 12 months and generated savings that run into tens of millions.

Trade Extensions

Trade Extensions ( sets new standards for on-line procurement and optimisation. Its unique procurement software helps organisations achieve their strategic buying objectives by specifying sourcing events, collecting offers and, most significantly, optimising the results. On-line procurement projects generate millions of variables and it is the algorithm design that underpins the success of Trade Extensions' software and means solutions can be identified in seconds. Trade Extensions also provides integrated spend analysis to help organisations identify and exploit procurement opportunities.

SOURCE: Trade Extensions

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