LONDON, August 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Pizza Express partners with ThirdForce, the UK's leading technology enabled learning provider, to implement an innovative eLearning, training and development programme. The two-phase implementation follows the completion of a successful pilot scheme across 35 of its sites and the organisation, part of the market-leading Gondola Group, will complete the roll-out in 2011.

In the first two months of the pilot programme, 83 courses were completed, generating savings estimated at GBP5,000 when compared with face-to-face training. Regulatory compliance e-learning courses in Foundation Food Safety, Foundation Health and Safety, DDA and content developed in-house lead the programme, with learning assigned, monitored and reported through ThirdForce's learning management system, AIMS(TM). The potential for cost reductions across the wider business are self evident and high value is placed on the successful employee development opportunities that the programme offers for more than 9,500 staff.

Mark Angela, CEO of Pizza Express, commented: We want to attract really good people to our business. Those people coming in should feel that the standard of training and development that they receive is second to none and that they couldn't get anything else like it in any other casual dining business.

The organisation is delivering the training via ThirdForce's el-box(TM), a tablet PC similar in size to a standard laptop, with a touch sensitive, flip-top screen and a robust design that is preloaded with the necessary catalogue of courses. Mark Angela describes the el-box(TM), which gives 24/7 access in Pizza Express restaurants, as a real game changer for us.

Pizza Express HR Director Julie MacDonald commented: Instead of touching a few people and making them travel quite large distances we can touch 9,500 people with the quality of training and development I think they deserve.

Marco Faccini, head of hospitality leisure, ThirdForce UK and International, commented: Pizza Express has one of the best learning cultures I have ever seen. The organisation recognises that the people are the key asset in the business and this level of employee investment is unprecedented in these current times. We are very excited at the partnership we will be forging over the coming years.

Pui Ho, Head of Training and Development at Pizza Express commented: I have used e-Learning throughout my career and know the scope of this fabulous learning method. I look forward to being able to maximise the el-box and drive our learning and development activities through it.

Mark Angela concluded: Pizza Express is deadly serious about training, we don't just talk it, we walk it!

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