LONDON, February 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Tragus, one of the UK's largest independently owned restaurant chain operators, has recently announced that it is renewing, for another three years, its e-learning relationship with ThirdForce, the leading e-learning provider in the Hospitality and Leisure sector. With over 280 sites across the country serving over 20 million meals every year and an exciting portfolio of leading brands, ThirdForce has been a proud partner in helping to drive operational excellence in Tragus.

Nick Hoad, HR director at Tragus, explained; ThirdForce has significantly helped Tragus improve the quality and quantity of the training provided in our restaurants. This has resulted in a better educated, informed and knowledgeable workforce. This has given us a competitive edge, especially as we have created our own bespoke induction programme. After three years we have completely accepted that the most effective and efficient way of training employees is via e-learning. Our employees, many of whom speak English as a second or even third language, find it invaluable.

Over 45,000 food, health safety, DDA and Induction courses have been completed in three years. Tragus has seen an increase in internal development as now over 50 per cent of its new management members are home grown having undertaken basic training via the el-Box. Team retention has also been shown to have improved by 20 per cent. Additionally, as Tragus has continued to grow, the cost per location of providing statutory compliance training also reduced as more synergies were realised.

Next steps for Tragus include extending the application of the el-Box by self-authoring and assessment training materials. It is also awaiting, with keen anticipation, the groundbreaking interface between its Payroll HR system and the e-learning AIMS perform platform. This was one of the drivers to renewing the relationship with ThirdForce. Nick Hoad commented; As leading e-learning providers in our sector, who are responsive to our feedback, I was happy to extend the service provision for another three years with ThirdForce.

Marco Faccini, head of Hospitality Leisure at ThirdForce, commented; What Tragus has achieved in the last three years is truly phenomenal when you consider there were barriers to overcome; e-learning had not been utilised previously, the learning culture needed to change, a truly blended approach needed to be applied to a multi-cultural workforce spread throughout the UK in hundreds of sites.

The training and development team at Tragus should be truly commended for not only providing a platform for introducing, enabling and maintaining a great learning experience and subsequent completion levels but for their foresight in implementing this solution and looking at what future technologies can do for them and their people.

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