LONDON, July 23 -- In the current economic climate, every small to medium
business (SMB) is looking for ways to reduce IT costs without compromising
business security. Backing up business crucial data securely to an offsite
location has become more of a mandatory compliance need rather than a
nice-to-have feature. Restoring data as and when required in case of any
unforeseen disaster is crucial for business continuity.

Typical backup solutions on the market today are based on smaller, lesser known
providers, or very high-end costlier disaster recovery solutions ideally
suitable for companies with big budgets e.g. Corporates Banks. Users
can’t always be sure of the future of smaller players or may not be
willing to invest heavily in infrastructure costs to implement full-scale

Vaulten, powered by IBM, specifically address these gaps in the market by
providing a secure online automatic backup service to end-users on a SaaS based

On its launch in UK and EU, Mac Karlekar, Managing Director at Vaulten says We
are proud to have IBM, the world’s leading IT company, at all fronts; the
software, hardware and services, with which we are now able to provide
Enterprise Level Security to SMBs based on proven world-class IBM technologies
(IBM Tivoli, CDP and IBM managed Data Centres). We feel, Vaulten will help SMBs
to reduce considerable IT management costs but still provide peace of mind that
their data is secure and encrypted, ready to be restored on-demand anytime and

Since the solution itself is powered by IBM, trust factor, security and
reliability comes by default with the IBM brand name. Even in the current
economic climate, you can count on IBM to be a market leader next year, and
maybe 10-20 years from now.

Vaulten Online Backup offers the same technology and level of security that is
normally implemented by Banks and comes with user-friendly interface at
affordable pricing options.

Key Differentiators of Vaulten:

1. Peace of mind - Secure as IBM: Powered by IBM Technology (Blade servers,
CDP, Tivoli), your files are stored encrypted that can be only accessed with
your private credentials.

2. Pay-As-You Go Model: Every user has different need of secure storage
requirement. Keeping this basic principle in mind, our packages allow users to
pay only for what they need.

3. User friendly interface: We have kept the interface as simple as possible
for end-users with near zero intervention once the setup is complete.

4. IBM Data Disaster Recovery Protection: Managed in highly secure redundant
IBM data centres, your data is as secure as any bank’s data which uses IBM
infrastructure for disaster recovery.

5. Reduce Compliance Risks (Onsite or Offsite): Flexible options depending on
client needs, entire setup can be replicate onsite-offsite.

6. Hands-off Automatic: Once installed Vaulten will automatically keep working
in the background backing your files.

7. On-demand Recovery: You can recover multiple versions of your files anytime
on any machine you want without any dependency on additional resources.

8. Less resource hungry: Using well-proven CDP technology, there is no adverse
performance impact to your system. Vaulten has been tested heavily in our labs
we are proud of its performance as compared with other competitors.

9. Store Backups in the World’s Most Secure Data Centres: Managed by IBM
professionals, your data is extremely secure in IBM managed data centres.

10. No Infrastructure Complexity: As long as you have a internet connection,
you do not need to invest in any other costlier infrastructure.

We do not consider ourselves to compete with other online storage providers who
provide free or cheap storage. Our solution is targeted ideally at SMB sector
who may not necessary want to invest in costly infrastructure but ideally will
still like the same level of security and encryption as used by banks to
transmit highly confidential information. We believe, Vaulten has harnessed the
power of IBM to have a very unique advantage over other providers.

The service is also highly flexible when it comes to prices. As a launch offer,
starting at a minimal GBP5.99 for 3GB storage per month running up to terabytes,
Vaulten also offers customised solutions specific to client needs. A free 30 day
trial version is available here :

For more information partnership queries, please contact Head of UK/EU - Mac
Karlekar at or +44(0)203-371-9843

SOURCE: Vaulten

For more information partnership queries, please contact Head of UK/EU - Mac
Karlekar at or +44(0)203-371-9843