DERBY, England, October 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Internet and PC security specialist Prevx today announced the appointment of security industry pioneer and veteran Christopher Bolin as President. Coming from traditional antivirus and software security firm McAfee, Bolin's move to Prevx further validates the company's technology lead in the provision of the world's most scalable and effective cloud-native anti-malware technologies.

With 19 years experience in leadership roles within the security industry, Bolin held senior positions at both McAfee and Symantec. During this time he developed partner relationships with almost every large security company or provider in the world. As CTO and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Product Operations at McAfee he helped grow security product yearly revenues from $300 million to over $2 billion. His teams spanned 14 countries and comprised thousands of security experts. Bolin has regularly spoken and evangelized worldwide about the role of security in all computing environments. His experience covers everything from home users to large military, government and corporate malware defense initiatives. He has received a series of awards and acknowledgments as a top technology innovator.

Three decades of rapidly evolving cyber crime has created a frightening paradigm. Consumers and enterprises are protected by products from vendors who are only now realizing that marketing success renders technology innovation virtually irrelevant to their pursuit of profits, said Christopher Bolin, President at Prevx. Industry claims that we are safer now than ever are just plain wrong and create a false sense of security. In fact, the past two years have seen the volume of malware threats exceed the cumulative total of the preceding 30+ years. The traditional approach to malware defense has passed the point of diminishing returns. Whilst a couple of vendors are just beginning to recognize this problem, the industry has several fundamental challenges to address:

- Today's malware research is failing at an alarming rate. More threats are being missed and those that are caught are being uncovered days and weeks after they have already achieved their aim - Security technology is too cumbersome and unwieldy, making it too difficult to deploy and manage and too expensive to run for both consumers and enterprise - New vulnerabilities are being found and exploited by cyber-criminals almost every day, making zero-day threats almost a guaranteed win for criminals - Manual research can no longer keep pace with sophisticated cyber crime, which so easily avoids detection through simple techniques such as code obfuscation and geographically or contextually sensitive malware, which appears benign in the research lab but is totally malicious on a user's PC - The need to leverage dynamic real-time threat information gathered from PCs and endpoints to instantly identify, understand, react to and block new threats

I have searched for the innovation in this industry and it is lacking. Today's anti-malware industry is more about clever marketing than revolutionary technology.

Bolin continued: I came to Prevx because Mel Morris gets it. He understands the power of the Cloud and that in the war on malware, only computers can outsmart computers. Prevx has been on my radar for some years now. This team invented the concepts of cloud AV, centralized intelligence and automated malware research and has refined these techniques over many years. It is driving a step change in the anti-malware industry's historically linear evolution. An approach that has been further ratified by Symantec's recent Ubiquity announcement, which is certainly a step in the right direction, when it becomes available over the coming year with very similar features extensively used by Prevx 3.0 for 2 years now.

The solution is already breaking the mold. In contrast to the 50-plus megabyte products from other vendors, its sub-1 megabyte security agent is super lightweight, ultra fast, unobtrusive, responds in real time and does so on a massive scale, supported by sophisticated and highly scalable cloud-based intelligence and automated malware research. This represents a total paradigm shift that is a significant change to the fight.

As President at Prevx, Bolin will now be responsible for overseeing and accelerating the company's growth based on the forthcoming Prevx 4.0 product set.

We are extremely proud to announce Christopher's appointment as President and board member, said Mel Morris, Prevx CEO. Having personally known Christopher for many years, it is truly an honor to have such a high-caliber industry pioneer on board as Prevx continues to grow in size and strength. For Prevx, Christopher's move is yet another endorsement of our approach. Today's cyber criminals are waging a sophisticated, technology-led war on three fronts; social engineering, zero-day exploits and state of the art covert techniques that make traditional malware research increasingly blind to their attacks. Prevx 4.0 has been explicitly designed to fight back on all three fronts. We do it with a unique combination of high performance and low client PC resource usage - even compared with Prevx 3.0, let alone the 'bloatware' offerings of some of our competitors.

As a result of these developments and with Christopher's help we are confident that we can play an important role in protecting consumers, businesses and governments against the dangers of cybercrime in the 21st century.

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Prevx specializes in internet and PC security. We target multiple facets of cyber-crime with products and services that help consumers, banks, enterprise and Government organizations improve their protection beyond that offered by conventional antivirus. Our technology utilizes cloud based security intelligence which feeds and feeds off the World's smallest, most powerful PC security agent. Based in Derby, UK, the company was founded in 2001 as Immunify and rebranded as Prevx in 2005. For more information, please visit our website:

Press Contact: Satyen Dayal - Spark Communications for Prevx Email: Tel: +44(0)207-436-0420


CONTACT: Press Contact: Satyen Dayal - Spark Communications for Prevx,Email: , Tel: +44(0)207-436-0420.