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- In Tests Stated That Prevx 3.0 Detected More Threats Than Other Products and Overall Scored Better Than Signature-Based Competition

Prevx is pleased to announce that its latest anti-malware product Prevx 3.0 has been awarded Editor's choice by after a review last week. The full review can be viewed at,2817,2346861,00.asp. praised the product for being 'blindingly fast to install and scan' and for 'detecting more threats than other products and scoring better overall than its signature based competition.' Neil Rubenking, who conducted the review, began by commenting that: 'Prevx's minuscule download size is the first clue that we're looking at something really, really different' with 'Installation so fast you could miss it if you blink'.

In testing, the review also states that:

'Prevx detected 94 percent of the threats, more than any other product tested with this same collection'.

'In a parallel test using commercial keyloggers in place of actual malware, Prevx detected 90 percent of the threats, the same as Webroot and more than any other product. Prevx detected a larger percentage of malware than any of the other products in this test and it tied with Webroot for best detection of keyloggers and rootkits.'

'While Prevx is quite good at detecting malware on an infested system, it's even better at protecting a clean system. As in the removal test, Prevx detected more malware than any of the competition--97 percent! And it was quite effective at preventing installation of those threats, coming up with a superb malware blocking score of 9.4 points.'

The review was summarised as follows:

Prevx had the highest detection percentage of any product tested in blocking or removal of malware, keyloggers, and rootkits (though it shared the top spot with others in some cases). Its overall malware blocking score is significantly higher than any of the others tested. And it does all this without needing to maintain and update a signature database. I'm very impressed, said's Neil Rubenking.

Prevx CEO, Mel Morris, commented. With cyber security issues now taking center stage with banks, major enterprises, governments, DOD, DHS and the military, this is great news for Prevx and our customers. We do not believe any security vendor or product will protect against all threats and we have designed Prevx 3.0 to enable our customers to use as an additional line of defense to their existing security apps. However, as this review has clearly shown, Prevx 3.0 also provides class-leading protection as a stand-alone solution, with clear strength in detecting 'early life' malware, rootkits and keyloggers.

About Prevx

Prevx is acknowledged as the pioneer of intelligence based cyber security solutions, utilising cloud based technology and automated malware research since 2004. Prevx 3.0 products provide a powerful incremental level of protection for banking, large enterprise, Ecommerce, government, military, SMBs and consumer sectors. Prevx is an employee owned corporation with a strong passion for fighting cyber crime. For more details visit the Prevx web site at

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