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- Game-Changing Initiative has Potential to Revolutionize ATS Market

Seizing on the opportunity to help cash- and credit-strapped small and midsized businesses, MrTed Ltd., a recognized leader in talent acquisition solutions, today announced the beta availability of SmartRecruiters, a 100% free applicant tracking system (ATS) for corporate recruiters and hiring managers. Designed for businesses with as many as 2,500 employees, SmartRecruiters is easy to use, works in two minutes, and runs every facet of a recruiter's business. Recruiters and hiring managers can sign up for SmartRecruiters today at

SmartRecruiters meets the needs of a new generation of Web savvy SMB recruiters. Unlike their predecessors, SMB recruiters in 2008 are very comfortable using online tools to find and recruit employee talent. SmartRecruiters fits this mold-and breaks the mold of conventional ATS products-by combining powerful functionality with ease-of-use.

In providing a free solution for the masses, we are doing something that has never been done before, said Jérôme Ternynck, CEO, MrTed. There are six million small businesses in the US with as many as 2,500 employees. SmartRecruiters can help each of these hire faster, better and smarter. We are telling small businesses, 'Throw away your old ATS, you don't need it anymore!' You can turn off your old system today and be up-and-running with SmartRecruiters in less than two minutes.

Everything You Need From an ATS - Except the Invoice

SmartRecruiters is free, limitless and easy to use, with an open architecture that connects users to other recruiters and essential pay-per-use services such as job posts and background checks. A solid set of features allow recruiters to tailor the look-and-feel of corporate career Web sites, front office and online application forms. Recruiters can edit job ads in real-time, rate candidates, screen candidates and track history of actions and interactions with candidates-all for free from within the application. Users never pay for application hosting, installation, maintenance, upgrades, additional users or storage, and the system is so easy, zero training is necessary. SmartRecruiters is EEOC and OFCCP compliant.

In addition to being the first free, full-featured ATS, SmartRecruiters also is pioneering a new segment of the SaaS category known as 'Open SaaS.' Open SaaS is the next revolution in on-demand software delivery. A mash-up of SaaS and open source concepts, Open SaaS is completely free of charge and places no limits or restrictions on the user. Similar to SaaS applications, Open SaaS solutions are Web-based and hosted, supported and maintained by the service provider. While the roadmap for Open SaaS applications is defined by its community, upgrades and enhancements are implemented by a central provider. Open SaaS solutions typically derive revenue through alternative channels such as pay-per-use services.

With few exceptions, the Applicant Tracking Systems currently available present a long list of barriers to success for SMB recruiters, said Rick Fletcher, president of HRchitect, the leading talent management systems consulting firm. Even with their fee-based models, many of the existing ATS vendors are not financially viable long-term due to increasing costs to support their non-SaaS based applications. A lack of configuration tools in these systems compounds the problem for recruiters, who must try to 'insert a square peg into a round hole' by using these applications as-is, or continue to write checks to vendors for software customization. MrTed's Open SaaS SmartRecruiters solution offers a welcome relief to the growing SMB recruiter market segment.

About SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a free, feature-rich applicant tracking system for recruiters in companies with as many as 2,500 employees. Unlike other ATS products, SmartRecruiters is a community-based, Open SaaS application that connects users to other recruiters and essential pay-per-use services. SmartRecruiters empowers users across the entire recruitment process, from generating and posting jobs, building career sites, managing candidate relationships and scheduling interviews, to rating and hiring candidates. Recruiting technology has never been so free and easy. SmartRecruiters was created by a small team of passionate developers working for MrTed Ltd., an established leader in enterprise-class talent acquisition software with more than 60,000 corporate users across 100 countries on five continents.

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