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- MrTedTalentLink(TM) Version 2.8 Provides Customers With Improved Forms, Flexibility and Technology to Attract, Recruit and Retain Top Talent

MrTed, the leading global provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions, today announced the general availability of MrTedTalentLink(TM) latest version 2.8, its flagship Talent Acquisition Solution, which enables companies of all sizes worldwide to optimise the process of acquiring and deploying talent. (

Since 1999, MrTed has crafted a unique SaaS platform to support corporate organisations and recruitment agencies around the globe with a centralised and collaborative technology for recruitment. The latest version of MrTedTalentLink(TM) is a revolutionary product, developed on customer feedback and state of the art technology.

For this release MrTed has used its unique development and deployment approach with client involvement, via MrTed's collaborative customer community, ( Our customers have been involved in the product roadmap, BETA testing, early release programs and have been updated about new features and functions every step of the way, stated Raymond van der Wal, Director Services. Our online user community gets customers involved in our product roadmap. The interaction allows our development team to work more closely with our customers, in this way developing the best product possible.

MrTed has built on its existing features to provide functionality that keeps its customers ahead of the game with real WEB 2.0 templates and online forms with unique question dependencies, which can be scored and weighted. The use of new technologies, such as Ajax, allows for the creation of truly localised and multilingual online assessments. With the strong ability of self configuration, MrTedTalentLink provides to their customers the highest level of flexibility for a more rewarding and personalised candidate experience. MrTed's SaaS model, with the ability for self configuration by its customers allows for all customers to be automatically upgraded. Some are already experiencing the latest version. The new template form builder is unique and ground breaking.

To date more than 200 clients across 100 countries use MrTedTalentLink (TM) to accelerate their recruitment business, says Jerome Ternynck, Chief Executive Officer MrTed. Visionary HCM applications vendors should understand that simplicity may well be the key to market differentiation and to customer satisfaction. Driving forces, such as the ever shrinking workforce and the globalisation of the workforce, dominate the market. MrTed's product roadmap creates revolutionary impulses to meet the increasingly varied strategies of organisations to fulfil their talent acquisition needs. The launch of MrTedTalentLink(TM) version 2.8 for enterprise market is an important step within MrTed's product strategy. MrTed will continue to launch more revolutionary impulses toward the market.

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MrTed is the leading global provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions, designed to help large and corporate enterprises optimise the complex processes of acquiring and deploying talent on a worldwide scale. Our solution suite, MrTedTalentLink(TM) is used by the world's largest organisations across more than 100 countries, driving transformation and ambition in staffing talent. Its unique collaborative environment integrates into any infrastructure and brings all recruitment stakeholders together in an easy and intuitive way. All our solutions are web-based, easy-to-use, supported in over 27 languages and can be deployed in a matter of weeks with MrTed's proven implementation approach and expert consultants. For more information visit:

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