LONDON, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- MrTed Limited, the leading provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions, today announces a strategic alliance with StraNeo, which will become the exclusive representative of MrTed for the Nordic region. MrTed and its solution suite MrTedTalentLink(TM) support large and corporate enterprises with their challenges on talent acquisition. With this strategic regional alliance partnership, MrTed is able to ensure their audience throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

"This strategic alliance underlines the importance of the Nordic market for MrTed," says Robert Adema, Director Sales and Marketing. "We see the Nordic market is maturing and companies putting strategic talent acquisition issues at the top of their agenda."

StraNeo joins the MrTed Partner Eco-system, a network of global companies that share the beliefs and principles of MrTed. Eco-system partners offer truly local experience and expertise to MrTed customers, global and national companies who deploy the MrTedTalentlink Enterprise solution throughout their organizations. As an Eco-system partner StraNeo's consultants will be supported by MrTed industry expertise to provide world class service and solutions to companies throughout the Nordic region.

Franck Attia, Managing Director of StraNeo stated, "We are proud to represent MrTed and its state-of-the-art solution MrTedTalentLink(TM) in the Nordic region. I am convinced the flexibility of MrTedTalentLink(TM) will help corporate enterprises in the Nordic to achieve global consistency in their recruitment process, but with local requirements." For Franck it's not the first time he is contact with MrTed. Prior to his current position at StraNeo, Franck held the position of VP Sales Europe for MrTed.

Robert Adema, comments "With StraNeo we secure our position in the Nordic region. We have a great trust in Franck and his team of sales executives and consultants, and I welcome StraNeo as part of the MrTed Partner Eco system. With the experience of StraNeo we are immediately up to speed and able to support our clients and potential customers in the Nordic."

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MrTed is the leading global provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions, designed to help large and corporate enterprises optimize the complex processes of acquiring and deploying talent on a worldwide scale, with customers like Axfood, FL Smith, and Danfoss in the Nordic region. Our Solution suite, MrTedTalentLink(TM) is used by the world's largest organizations across more than 100 countries, driving transformation and ambition in staffing talent. Its unique collaborative environment integrates into any infrastructure and brings all recruitment stakeholders together in an easy and intuitive way. All our solutions are web-based, easy-to-use, supported in over 25 languages, including all Nordic spoken languages, and can be deployed in a matter of weeks with MrTed's proven implementation approach and expert consultants.


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