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Real Logic, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: RLLC) issued a statement today.

Brad Tolley, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Management is pleased to announce that as part of our business plan, Real Logic, Inc., is adding an Energy Division, which will function as an independent subsidiary, in addition to our existing Alternative Transportation Vehicles Division. The new division will focus on clean, renewable, wind energy as an important aspect of the company's 'green' concentration to reduce fuel emissions, global warming, and fuel byproducts attributed to traditional energy sources."

Subsequent to the Company's efforts and search, during the past year, for 'wind turbine' technology partnerships and related energy business opportunities, Management is able to report that we are in negotiations with several groups regarding our interest in acquiring wind turbine companies, located in Europe. Subject to final negotiation, Real Logic expects to make an announcement, in the near term.

The US has, for the most part, lagged behind Europe in developing wind farms. Small energy companies interested in building wind farms have been unable to get permits and/or secure funding, resulting in multiyear delays. As this condition is changing, due to rising oil prices and environmental concerns, Real Logic is, also, in negotiations with several small US energy companies whose products make economic and environmental sense.

Real Logic seeks to encourage these technologies, both to improve the company's portfolio, but to also maintain and expand the company's philosophy of environmentally friendly projects.

In conclusion, Mr. Tolley said, "Another important element of our energy developmental plan is to conclude negotiations with a foreign company which has expressed interest in our manufacturing plant location, currently, under contract. They are interested in utilizing the property for turbine manufacture in the US. Management believes this opportunity fits well into our comprehensive plan of developing the property as a campus for emerging technologies for 'green', environmentally responsible, energy production."

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